Mama Kangaroo: slingokurtki

What slingokurtki convenience?

If you and your child like to walk in a sling , you can not do without slingokurtk and .Its convenience is that you do not have to dress yourself and the baby alone, and only then put on a sling primatyvaya to his already tired baby clothes in bulk.

Mama Kangaroo: slingokurtki

Just imagine: in order to get, for example, in a shop, you just need to put the baby in a sling, the top wear slingokurtku - and everything!This baby can sleep - come home, you just undress and can safely do their business.You will not need to pull out into the street and pram to calm a child who does not want to lie to her.Needless to say, slingokurtka greatly facilitates the life of a young mom!

Usually, slingokurtki used about as long as the child is about one and a half years - after this age kids rarely agree a long time to sit on my mother, hiding under a jacket pens.However, if your child likes to sleep in a sling on the street or if you need to go out for long and close, then

slingokurtkoy can be used longer.And models such as, for example, or slingoponcho slingodozhdevik can be used for a long time, almost all the time while you're wearing baby in a sling.

Mama Kangaroo: slingokurtki

There are many models of universal slinkokurtok 3 1 , combining an ordinary jacket, Jackets for pregnant women and, in fact, slingokurtku.Thus, one thing will last you three to four years, or even longer.

How to choose slingokurtku

Currently, the market can meet a variety of slingokurtki: Winter , summer, demi, fleece, jackets, coats and so on.They differ in color, material, length, method of fastening and adjusting volume promokaemosti.

Mama Kangaroo: slingokurtki

Slinkokurtku must always measure before buying to make sure that both you and your baby safe.

Choose slingokurtku , bearing in mind what time of year you will wear your baby often.The most popular are demi model, because they can be worn for much longer than, say, slingokurtku winter .When mother and baby dressed in a jacket, it is doubly warmer, so that even in autumn clothes they feel comfortable at low temperatures.However, if your area is really cold, it is best to buy two models, so as not to deny yourself the pleasure of long and warm winter walks with the baby on her chest.

Good addition to the sling or slingokurtke - developing slingobusy for baby .You can make them their own hands.

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