How to tie a scarf sling?

you for a minute do not want to part with the baby, but sometimes you need so hands-free?On the walk you want to feel comfortable and to create maximum child protection?In the end, you just can not stand bulky strollers that also is not everywhere can drive?Try scarf sling.You can wear a scarf sling each time going for a walk with your baby: you are comfortable, and he was comfortable.Carriers do young mothers are very mobile, why so many modern women use them constantly.

But for this you first need to know how to tie a scarf sling.

How to tie a scarf sling

scarf sling

scarf sling - a big piece of cloth special form.He "untie" your hands, and they do not get tired.The load of the weight of the baby evenly distributed on the entire upper part of the body, so you are also less tired.The sling is very convenient to feed the baby at his first request.The child, being constantly in the mother feels safe, he is emotionally satisfied and all its forces can send out to learn about the world, and my mother, in tu

rn, can engage in daily chores: she had no hands are full, it can move freelythe child does not limit it.

How to tie a scarf sling

Winding on one shoulder - easiest way to tying the sling

wound on one arm sling can be used for such provisions, as "on the hip""cradle", "behind", "on his stomach."Winding characterized in that it consists of one layer.Therefore, it is ideal for the home or for a hot summer: one layer of fabric the baby will not be hot.And if the child falls asleep, it's very easy to get out of this wound.You can tie a sling each time 1 or time to fix the unit, and then wear a knotted sling.

1. Sling put on the middle of the shoulder.

2. to tie the knot.The height and location of tying knot you will choose individually according to your feelings.The smaller the baby, the less space must remain.You can tie the knot at the level of the clavicle and put the baby in the pouch formed as the cradle or place it on the back (then tie a flat knot that will not cut into your back).Hanging ends left free or can wrap around your waist.

In the first months of use as a kind of sling cot.When the child is a bit older and able to sit up unaided, you (and it) will be more convenient to carry it on your back or on your side.

How to tie a scarf sling

winding cross - another way of tying a sling-scarf

1. Mid scarf attach to the waist, and a panel output forward.

2. Now dump the queue for each of them through the opposite arm of the cross, without twisting.

3. Panels sling crisscross behind.Do not twist the cloth, it is important.Adjust the length of the front ends of the sling: in the resulting bag must fit the baby, with the sling should not be too slack and free.

4. You can hold the ends of the sling under the bunting at the waist and let hang freely or to put on top and tied in one knot.

5. Now take the baby.Place your baby on his shoulder, to which you pass the inside of the cross.

6. Push one hand under the cloth that forms the outside part of the cross, and picked the baby under the butt and back.

7. At this time, straighten your other hand on the inside of the back of the child, and lower the baby in a sling.

8. Spread the tissue in the head and shoulder of the child: there should be no folds that could crash into the delicate baby skin.

9. A young child can hide the legs, and in children over the edge of the cloth will be just under the knees.

10. Stretch the fabric on the outer panel of the cross.Excess tissue can pull up and back.Tie up the loose ends of the sling assembly front.

If you did not get to tie the sling comfortable, try to master May-sling ( it already provided straps and fasteners) or slingokurtku .

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