Preparing a child to stay in the hospital

Tell all advance

If you find out that the child put the hospital in a few weeks, the question is: when to tell him about it?Some believe that it is better to spare the feelings of the baby until the last week before hospital admission.It is unlikely that the long wait will give the child courage.But on the other hand, would be more honest to tell the truth, especially if it is something suspect.And, of course, should never lie to a child or deception to lead the hospital, saying that you are coming to "an interesting place."

Learn the nuances

Learn about the disease the child as much as possible, ask about rules and internal regulations of the hospital.Talk to the staff, nurse and physician.You should not get lost, because it moves you to certainty and to the child.

Try to calm down

To begin with you ought to stop worrying for the child.No matter for what reason he was in the hospital, the main thing - keep calm.Indeed, in this situation, a parent - is the foundation of well-being of the b

aby.Seeing mom or dad do not worry, the child will cease to be afraid of.But if parents begin to panic, everything gets out of control, by the baby's physical ailments added stress, which only hinders recovery.So the first task - to be cool and stay calm even in the presence of a child.

detailed story

child know what to expect.Of course, it is not necessary to describe the procedure in detail.We need to provide accurate information to the kid.This will prevent it from unnecessary fears and fantasies.Give your child a chance to talk about their feelings and expectations, let him ask all their questions.Often, his fears are unsubstantiated.Use simple words: the child must all understand why he is here, how long and why.Tell us how the day will be held at the hospital.You can put a hospital bed at the calendar, noting on it the date when the child was admitted to hospital and the day when he will be discharged.

If you have a serious operation, the conversation should be more thorough.According to psychologists, children who were previously prepared for pain, are less susceptible to stress.It is important not to lie, otherwise the child will lose confidence.Better to avoid "scary" words such as "cut", "blood".Do not hide what's going to hurt.However, the emphasis should be made on the process of recovery and return home.Also it is necessary to warn that the way out of the anesthesia may be accompanied by pain, nausea, drowsiness.

Depending on the age it is useful to introduce the baby with the other boys and girls who have suffered a similar operation.

Fear of doctors

Straight Talk strengthen confidence in the kid to medical personnel.The way you talk about the hospital, doctors and nurses, affect the child's attitude to what is happening.The more positive to be said about the situation, the more secure the baby will feel.

If you are not confident in staff and equipment reliability, not to express their concerns in the presence of a child.


spends with the child as much as possible - so long as it allows the regime.Kids, when parents are close by, feel completely safe and less worried about tomorrow.

visited the child at the hospital every day regular hours.Tell him that in the House there will be other children: they can play, communicate.During visits to be engaged in the usual chores.Do everything that the baby feel secure.

favorite toys

Bring home your favorite toys and baby things: book lamp, blanket player.Of course, you must first consult with the hospital staff.Try to establish a hospital room a cozy, homely atmosphere.If the rules do not prohibit, bring the child his favorite foods.

Plan future

Describe your child what will you do after discharge.Plan some interesting event (Camping or the zoo, visiting the theater, skiing or biking, the purchase of a new toy) that he will wait with impatience.So the days pass quietly in the hospital.

Arrange surprises

known that children are getting better faster when experiencing positive emotions.Do not stop to surprise a child to please him every day that he had no time for melancholy thoughts.

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