Start reading to your child now

conducted research in the field of speech practice infants and preschool children have shown the importance of early reading aloud to children.According to the findings of scientists, children who are read to from infancy, much easier and before beginning the process of learning to read.The fact that the process of learning speech will go hand in hand with familiarity with the written language: the children will see and eventually distinguish between letters, they know what the alphabet and a letter stands for a particular sound, and how letters for words.Curiosity young children will encourage them to new knowledge in the future will help you understand what can be learned from the text and how it should be read.

So, where to start?

Just read

Do not worry about whether your child is ready to listen to the whole story of the Little Red Riding Hood or just one or two pages of a fairy tale, read as much as he can listen.You can read two pages in front of him and walk another three after a dream.Even

the smallest fragment, reading to your child, play a huge role for the future development.You see, the older will become your baby, the more interest it will listen longer and more complex texts.

Choose tales and interesting to your kid

Not necessarily, that your daughter will adore tales of princesses, just as you have loved them as a child.Always keep in mind that your child is interested, when you choose a book to read.And do not worry if your daughter asks you to read about the trucks, and the son requires stories about Cinderella, apparently, it's interesting to them at the moment.Do not forget that you impart to them a love for reading, do not limit the scope of their interests.

discuss what read

However, as a growing interest in your child's reading, increasing the number of his questions about the books and the content.You should not be irritated about it.To understand what is written in the book - is a basic skill that you need to buy every reader.On the contrary, it is necessary to maintain this interest: answer all questions and ask your own!We assure you that every time you will hear more and more the reasoning of the kid, and he did not just surprise you!

Be patient

It often happens that children resist reading.Sometimes they do not want to sit and listen, they might not be interested what you are reading or are you constantly interrupt and talk about his.Take it easy and keep reading.Your patience and serenity will be transferred to the child and in time he learned to love the time you read it, and he will ask you to check out.

Be optimistic

Even if your child does not like to read, does his best to captivate.Enthusiasm is contagious!And if you are looking forward to when you can read your favorite book, and soon your child will look forward to when you read to him.(You can resort to some tricks: As a rule, children do not like, when we lay them to bed, and after a reminder that it is time to go to bed, you can offer your child to read a little before going to bed. Believe me, the children agree on everything,just not to sleep).

Is it worth it?

You may feel that you're spending a lot of time and effort, but your child is still reluctant to listen to stories, and then you ask yourself: is it worth to suffer so?Experts and parents to meet the unique experience: worth it!

start reading to children as early as possible.For infants buy cardboard books with big pictures and letters, then read short stories, and preschoolers can already read long stories and funny stories.You can also pay attention to the interactive storybooks , which are loaded on the various kinds of electronic gadgets, but it is better to give preference to the traditional book.Reading - is also communicating with your child, you become closer, learn to understand each other better and your baby will plant love for the world of books.

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