6 bizarre facts relating to children

strange to you, normal for a child

child- "Teen» .In 50% of all infants one month after the birth of small pimples appear as teenagers during puberty: red and white patches on the cheeks, nose.New parents are frightened, thinking it allergy. In fact it is hormonal changes the body baby, closely related to the mother's milk.At this time, say "baby flowers."Apply to baby's body moisturizing lotion 1-2 times a day.Do not worry about pimples, they will, but it will take time (4 to 6 months), then the skin will be smooth and very gentle!

«tan 'head. Almost all babies you can find milk crust.This thick scaly milky brown "flakes" on the scalp.Dairy crust safe.It may take a month, and then reappear, and so up to a year.Usually it is combed.Wipe the baby's head with vegetable or baby oil to a sort of "steam" of these flakes, and then walk around with a soft brush and a child rinse with warm water.The procedure should be carried out 1 times per day until complete disappearance of dairy crust.But if you do

not interfere, can not touch it, it will come with time itself.

Umbilical hernia. Of course, you're a mom and doing it right.And if something is wrong, the woman often blames the man, saying that this "daddy's genes."But what about the umbilical cord do not just lash out and blame your father.If bulging belly button, it most likely an umbilical hernia, which may be in any child, even though most of it subject to premature babies.Often the umbilical hernia forms when a child cries hard and long.Our grandmothers advised one effective way: attach penny or a button to the navel and seal with tape (caution tape, in turn, can cause allergies).Over time, the stomach "come back to his place."But note that if an umbilical hernia will not be cured until 6 months, surgery may be the only way out.

female breast in children. particularly concerned about the issue of the popes, and, of course, if the family was born a boy.Explain in detail: the child's nipples sometimes swell, and it seems that the child has chest.In fact, this is a temporary phenomenon and totally caused maternal hormones that are passed to the baby through breast milk.Approximately 30-40% of children are "filler chest", and it is normal to two years of age.

Strabismus. One of the biggest fears of parents.Do not worry.This "many-sided" view - the phenomenon of passing.Strabismus in infants due to the fact that at birth the muscles are not developed yet and because the child is difficult to focus and control your view, as well as hand movements.Plus, a lot depends on planting eyes.Strabismus can be stored up to 4 months.

Children jerky movements. Many moms and dads are very experienced, seeing that the child shivers in his sleep as if from a spasm, or if he was afraid of something.It Moro reflex, which causes the child to react to loud noise or sudden movement vskidyvaniem handles.From the perspective of neurology, it is normal and even good if the child has a reflex.Moro reflex may be stored up to six months.

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