How to develop the child's abilities?

Knock, knock!Who is there?

Humor has always attracted the attention of the child, he remembers the smile on your face and the tone of joy.So you build an emotional bond with her baby.Make funny faces, publish different sounds and perform various movements, such as mimicking the pet.Thus, you will attract the child's attention, and it will focus on your face and voice.A child is like a sponge to absorb all the information when it is focused on you.

develop a sense of humor at the child in several ways: through touch (lifting baby above your head), through hearing (play different funny and loud sounds) and visually (through some ridiculous actions).Even infants can distinguish mismatch items and, as such jokes are well develop the knowledge of the world around the child.Many children begin to perceive jokes from birth, and even when you start to tickle the baby two months, he will understand that you are playing with it.Humor - a good way to show affection to the baby, as well as to strengthen the emo

tional bond between you.

Music for kids

Music evokes positive emotions, energizing, uplifting and can soothe, reduce stress.The peak of popularity of the musical education of children has fallen to 90 years: constant listening to Mozart makes babies of geniuses develop their mathematical abilities, reading and spatial thinking.Despite the fact that scientists have proved that music provides only short-term effects, there is reason to believe that music is still one of the best tools in the development of the child.For example, children who listened to music while still in the womb, have fewer health problems and less prone to mood swings and whims.

You do not have to be a professional musician to teach the basics of music child.Sing him a lullaby croon a funny song, playing with the child.And do not worry if you do not have a hearing - the child will not criticize you and your musical talent.You can also take the baby in her arms and dance with him at some upbeat music.Children's songs help fun for parents and children, and at the same time they learn to acoustically perceive the world.

Many children like the toy musical instruments - flutes, drums and flutes.This game will help develop the child's interest in music lessons.


After his birth, the child learns most of the world through touch.He learns that things are all different to the touch.An interesting observation was made by scientists: the child prefers his mother, dressed in a soft, pleasant to the body clothes than my mother, dressed in a nasty touch fabric.Children's brain is actively developing in the first year of life, but the development is happening consistently.Among those synapses, billions of neurons that allow brain function arise and develop only through experience.Therefore, constantly motivate the child with new toys and show how we can play with them - the kid remembers everything, and then he begins to experience them.But be careful with the objects that you want to show the kid!In the first years of life, everything that falls into the hands of a child, goes directly into the mouth.

tactile contact is very important to build emotional and physical connection with the baby.In this pleasant and friendly touch beneficial to humans at any age.Gentle massage, stroking and kissing will improve the child's emotional state


prepare the child for school garden and as well as adjust its behavior will help to schedule, which includes a variety of daily rituals.Children learn to follow the daily routine and thus produced a discipline.First you need to set the time for recovery, charging, washing, eating, walking, and so on.When a child comes to preschool, it will be much easier to adapt.Introduction
daily routine at the time, the baby is still "malleable", develops a good habit, it is useful in adult life.

What kind of animal?

See whether your child is at the starry sky?One considers a pet or a storm cloud?Whether burning his eyes when he sees a dog?Of course!Scientists have proved that the child likes to get information about the world through the paint and observe what happens.Begin to train him since childhood, it is not necessary to wait until the child asks you to talk about dinosaurs or the theory of relativity.Even when the baby does not yet understand the meaning of each spoken word alone, he still shows information of interest.Gradually he learns the meaning of words and be able to understand fully what you tell him.Teach your child, teach and teach again!

«Your task for today ...»

child should develop comprehensively: write it in different sections - sports and creative.Attend together some workshops.Now there are many schools early development , a visit which will help the child in contact with other children.You need to show your child that learning - it's not only fun, but also a necessity.Do not stop there.Visit the additional courses will expand the circle of friends a child develop his communication skills.

«Meet, this is Mr. Potato ...»

To show your child, what processes occur in nature, place potatoes in a glass of water.He will be able to see clearly what the roots and shoots appear like.It need not be a potato, you can take any vegetable or sprout.The child begins to understand that vegetables do not grow in the supermarket, but is a product of nature.In the process of cognition, explain to your child how important it is to preserve the natural resources of our planet.

very good thing ...

juxtaposition of bright colors and decorations attract the child's attention and helps to develop the ability to concentrate.Change toys, colors, clothing, curtains and other items - all this will stimulate interest in learning.If you buy new items related to the child, do not forget to tell him how they are properly called, it will increase your child's vocabulary. decorate the house , and every time you put a new photo or giving a new toy, tell your child that he will give an idea about a new subject.

What do you think about this?

Talk with your child - the best way to stimulate his knowledge.Note that there should be a comprehensive dialogue, not a monologue parent.If you want to kid learned the nuances of the language, to replenish your vocabulary, it is not necessary to build a proposal in the form of instructions ("Now wipe your hands") or simple statements ("This is - the dog").Begin a conversation with such phrases such as, "Look at the clouds!I love the rain.Do you think it will rain today? »

Scientists have shown a direct relationship between the dialogue and the development of the child's vocabulary.In addition, the dialogue is developing in the child an active interest in new words and discoveries.You should learn to perceive the child not as a helpless infant in the cradle, but as a companion and a full-fledged personality.In addition, for you will be useful dialogue.Remember that the mouth of babes the truth!

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