Breastfeeding: what you need to know

In the first week after birth the child enough colostrum, because his little buds can withstand only those few milliliters.

If the first few days after giving birth to breastfeed does not work, be sure to express using a breast pump or your hands.Otherwise lactostasis can develop, and if you run - and mastitis.

In the first three months of lactation observed dairy crises. woman may seem that the milk becomes scarce.It is impossible to finish feeding the baby formula - often just enough to give him the chest.

Try to choose the most comfortable position feeding.If there is pain in the back, neck, arms and tension in the back, you may get a negative attitude to feeding that will be the first dangerous step towards undue weaning.

If nipple cracks appeared , use a special cream .Do not stop to feed your baby: feed him through a silicone pad.Cracks can not occur if the child is the right to take the breast, his lips should capture and areola - the dark circle around the nipple.If

before feeding the milk flow from the breast, the baby can "choke".To avoid this, Decant a little milk.

Before you start breastfeeding buy special bra: its special design allows to give the baby the nipple, while not taking it all.Cups must fit tightly to her chest.

Milk is usually slightly leaking.Day and night underlay in bra disposable cotton pads.

Classical position for breastfeeding - baby's head on the elbow.Feeding lying handy if the chest does not slip out of hand.Pose "child at hand" approach mommy with big breasts and low nipple.

To maintain toned skin of the breast, every day to do contrasting pouring, wipe breasts hard sponge and towel

If suddenly appeared galactostasia , will only experienced midwife, masseuse.If you want to take a few lessons from her self-massage.

Flat or inverted nipples can be pulled : 2-3 times a day and gently pull them twirled for 4-5 minutes.Perform this exercise is better in the second trimester.

Take vitamin complex for nursing: it will provide a child with necessary minerals and nutrients.

Tight chest is usually in first-time mothers.Breasts harden and swell, there are pain, milk stands out with difficulty.If there was a temperature, immediately consult a doctor.

she sings 2 liters of fluid every day: milk is composed of water, so your body is more than necessary.

To enhance lactation can take decoctions of cumin seeds, alfalfa, oregano, dill, anise, fennel.But the best way is a positive attitude to breastfeeding.

Avoid taking drugs oppressing lactation: Parlodel, bromocriptine, ether anesthesia, as well as drugs containing progestins, ergot alkaloids, androgens, camphor.Reduces lactation tea from sage and ergot.The smell of deodorant, perfume or sweat might alienate the child.During feeding often try to take a shower.

To support the breast in the form of several times a day, follow group exercise pectoral muscles.The most suitable sports for nursing - Callanetics, yoga, Pilates.

Reduced lactation can cause emotional and physical exhaustion.Try several times a week for a few hours to leave the house.For successful breastfeeding require periodic discharge .

Many problems arise when a harmless sore nipples from inflammation develops.In the early days of breastfeeding sore nipples danger is especially great because they are not accustomed to the constant load.If any doubt about the unnatural seals go to the doctor.

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