Stretch marks during pregnancy

Most extensions are pinkish or bluish, and eventually fade away.Get rid of unsightly scars completely impossible, but to prevent or reduce the likelihood of their occurrence - completely.To do this you need to know the causes of stretch marks and how to prevent them.

Why do I get stretch marks?

The most common explanation of the occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy is dramatic weight gain. It is this argument leads us mothers and grandmothers.But this is not the main reason.

most often associated with the appearance of st

retch marks hormonal changes in women . due to an imbalance of estrogen skin elasticity is reduced, and this leads to rupture of the connective tissue.They have seen us as internal scars - stretch marks.

genetic factors also affects whether you have stretch marks.If your mom or sister faced with stretch marks during pregnancy, it is likely this trouble and you will not pass.

tsvetotip women plays an important role in the problem of the appearance of stretch marks. known that blondes with fair porcelain skin are more prone to the appearance of stretch marks than brunettes with dark skin.This is due to the production of melanin - the dark pigment.What it is, the less likely it is that the skin is covered with stretch marks.

If you think that the possibility of the appearance of stretch marks you high, then never too late to defend themselves!Today, there are so many cosmetic products that can become your loyal assistants in the struggle for beauty.

If you are a supporter of options pobyudzhetnee , then for you there are methods for the prevention of stretch marks, proven by millions of women.

How to prevent stretch marks?

  • Pay more attention to your diet .Your task is to prevent the spike weight and control the pace of its gain.This does not mean that you should go on a strict diet.Just limit your intake of flour products and sweets.Lean on fruits and vegetables as well as foods rich in vitamin E, in fact it displays the body of harmful substances, making the skin more elastic.Drink plenty of fluids - at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

  • to massage .Simple People's way of dealing with stretch marks - massaging problem areas with olive oil or special creams.The most important prevention of stretch marks is to moisturize the skin.Massage should be light, consist of circular strokes.The oils help soften the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Take douche .Direct water jet alternately on the stomach, thighs and buttocks, do a circular motion.After a shower is recommended to rub the problematic area with a towel.So you stimulate circulation and increase your chances of winning the fight against the appearance of stretch marks.

And finally, the most important thing!During pregnancy, it is important to maintain physical activity as it allows your body.Get enough sleep, outdoor exercise and a balanced diet will provide not only the health of the unborn child, but also help you maintain the beauty and freshness of your skin.Involved in fitness for pregnant women, join a pool, keep your muscles toned and remember, stretching is much easier to prevent than to get rid of them.

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