Educational toys: is it enough?

If you give your child all the toys immediately, the benefits of this will not have any.The child is simply not enough time to play with each of them.And if it is enough, it is just not able to give enough attention to a detailed study of what the toy will teach him.

Your child does not need all the existing toys to learn something or learn something.It is enough to ensure that it is necessary to set so that he could spend time playing fun and useful.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Choose toys that are age appropriate your child.This is the first mandatory criterion.Check the label toys: it must be specified the recommended age.First of all this is done for the safety of the child.Toys for older children may contain small parts, which are dangerous for small children.No matter how beautiful and interesting this or that thing, if it contains parts that can hurt your little child, you should not buy it.

2. The second selection criterion - quality. Choose quality toys , which will last a long time.Toys - is also investing money.You have to remember that your child will spend with these toys most of the time.Thus, the toy must withstand all that your child will do with them: throw, throw, nibble, lowered into the water, take apart, step on them, and so on.If you want your child learned something, playing with these toys, he has to play with them regularly.Choose toys that do not break down in a week.

3. Check the functionality of a toy on .Your child can learn a lot by playing with educational toys.A toy can teach him to distinguish between colors, shapes, sizes and much more.Do not forget that the toy must also bring joy to a child, to her it should be fun and interesting.

4. Try pay less attention to the names of toys.Give the name of the Toys advertising and marketing campaigns to increase sales.But if an ordinary ball will be called a "ball", does he cease to be a ball?If next to rattle will be similar toy called the "means for the development of fine motor skills and auditory skills," which do you prefer?

Toys - are tools that promote child development.The most important is that with the help of educational toys your child learns.From an early age is necessary to develop the cognitive skills child. This will help you puzzles, wooden designer and cube and, science kits (for older children).

Toys contribute to the development of imagination. Such kits as "farm", "zoo", "shop", "Hospital" and so on. G., Help the child to write stories and understand, in what sequence and how things happen in the community.

drawing board (magnetic, wood, plastic) to help develop creative abilities.For magnetic boards, there are ready-made magnets with images of animals and insects that will help your child learn how to draw the contours.Special erasers child can correct error and disadvantages . In addition to plastic board can purchase rubber stamps .

develop educational toys and social skills of the child.At the time when the child plays with other children, he learns to share things, learning to help others, interact with other children through play, learns world around. Parents admit a huge mistake when buying a new developmental baby toys, and leave it with her one on one.Not think , that toy perform your work for you . Sure, your child can learn something myself, but toy can not replace parents.

Introduce a child with his new toy.Tell him the name, explain what it is made.N For details on explain to him and show by example how to play with her.P ervoe time to play with your child, giving comments and explanations (about the colors, shapes, sizes, that at toy shows how you can play with it, that it is impossible to do).

Gradually let your child play yourself, but do not forget about control.Praise him for the progress he made, because he was able to learn playing with a toy. main thing is that the child at the same time with the knowledge and skills received from the game fun.

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