Dowry kid

casual clothes and diapers

addition to to-do lists for her husband and training packages to the hospital, it is time to buy clothes puzzled and related essentials for your child.Most likely at this stage you already know the sex of the baby you have to be born that will greatly simplify the least choice of things for crumbs.

clothes for the baby must be purchased for the season with a slight margin in the first 2-3 months.Sizes from 56 to 62 cm, according to the US if your baby will not be too large.

  • If you plan to swaddle a baby, no matter the time of year, you need calico and flannel diapers in an amount of 8-10 pieces of each type.They are inexpensive, quickly spoiled, so it is convenient to buy a lot at once.Later, when the baby comes out of the changing age, you can use these as a diaper wipes or Polotenchik for the baby.

  • B Odie with short and long sleeves, no more than 5 pieces of each type.They are convenient in that fastened at the bottom between the legs of the baby while he clos

    ed the back.Of course, you can buy a traditional loose jackets with the smell, but they are less convenient, because I always crumples under the diaper.Replace vests help thin cotton blouse buttons on the front and closed handles that the kid is not scratched himself.If the sleeve sweaters do not protect small palm, then buy a pair of children's mittens -tsarapok.

  • will be needed for the first time and a couple of one-piece jumpsuits -slips of different materials (knitted fabric, fleece, bike), but no more than three, because the baby is growing very rapidly.

  • cap and hats also better to buy, even if the baby is born in summer.At first, the baby ears are too vulnerable, and that the baby is not sick, it is better to protect their cotton caps.And a walk on top of her cap in the cold time of the year you need to dress your baby cap for the season - from thin jersey, fleece or wool.Buy no more than 3-4 cap and a cap.

  • sliders must be matched blouses - cotton and flannel.They are especially needed if you decided not to swaddle a baby.Not more than 4-5 pairs.

  • Socks useful baby from the very first days of life.Buy several pairs of thin and as much warm socks - terry wool or, depending on the temperature outside and inside the house.It would be nice to have a couple of beautiful pinetok.


There is one simple rule of dressing a child for a walk, "Mom + more 1 layer of clothing," of course, if the mother herself is dressed for the weather.It is important not to overheat the baby, so the layers should be considered.In order to discharge from the hospital, as well as for daily walks in the stroller baby will be useful:

  • overalls .Fall and winter baby need insulated coveralls options: fur, padding polyester, or more modern materials such as hollofayber, Thinsulate, Fibertech and others.

  • envelope. most often buy envelopes to extract for greater solemnity.Insulated options envelope fur padding polyester, or may be useful, and if you are using a thinner overall and placed the child in an envelope.

Thus, clothes and extract a daily walk can be one set.

Kids first aid kit and hygiene

no need to rush things and score a first aid kit preparations for all occasions.Pharmacies are many and most of 24 hours, so that in the event of illness of a child, you can buy a drug prescribed by a doctor pretty quickly.In the meantime, do not forget to prepare for the baby in the following products:

  • sterile cotton or cotton pads (for cleaning the nose and ears, for the treatment of umbilical ring);

  • enema number 1 for children from 0 to 1 year (2 pcs);

  • sulfacetamide 20% (eye drops);

  • antipyretic in the form of suppositories;

  • thermometer;

  • carminative based simethicone (from GAZ cars);

  • diaper rash cream for lubrication;

  • Zelenka / manganese / hydrogen peroxide (for the treatment of small wounds and umbilical ring in the first days after birth);

  • small phase-change material (to deal with colic);

  • powder;

  • sterile pipette;

  • peach oil (from the dryness of mucous nose);

  • sterile sunflower oil (from rashes and diaper rash);

  • cotton swabs with stop;

  • diapers on the weight of 2 to 5 kg in the first month, then you will need a larger size;

  • wipes;

  • children washing powder (to start on a small scale, to make sure that the baby is not a contact allergy to this agent).

For swimming you need to prepare:

  • series and chamomile in bulk or ready solution (for baths);

  • baby soap;

  • soft loofah-glove (terry);

  • towel area (2 pcs);

  • adaptations for swimming (bath, pedestal, gamachok bathing-on option);

  • circle on the neck for swimming in a bath (for children from 0 to 3 months);

  • pitcher for washing the baby with clean water after swimming.

fashionable breastfeeding accessories

They probably do not want the baby and the mother herself.We are talking about such things as:

  • pillow for feeding (allows the mother to take a comfortable position during feeding);
  • underwear for nursing mothers;
  • breast

child well enough to access his chest was full of milk.If you assume that a child will drink water or artificial nutrition nurse, then you will need:

  • feeding bottles (the more, the better. It is essential that free access was always clean dishes);
  • Dummy

vehicles and furniture

In the first months of life with a baby, you will likely be only go for a walk, and maybe he would sleep on the balcony.However, you will need:

  • stroller-cradle;

  • sling or baby carrier;

  • seat (if the machine);

to sleep and stay at home need crumbs:

  • cot / crib to choose from;

  • chaise longue from 0 to 1 year;

  • changing dresser (very convenient because in addition to the function of the changing table has drawers for storing clothes and baby clothes);

  • fitball - first you need, because the kid rocking, rocking on a large ball, much nicer than standing.Later, it can be used to charge the kid.


Immediately say that buying canopies and delicate sheets not necessarily.Sleeper child should be neat and minimalist, and consist of:

  • sets of bed linen (2-3 pcs.): Children's pillow case for a flat pillow, sheet, duvet cover;
  • mattress (double - summer / winter);
  • blankets (it is better to buy the 3 options: easy-plaid flannel blanket and insulated version blanket of padding polyester, down, polyester fiber or sheepskin;
  • soft bumpers for children's cots.
    If you decide to practice co-sleeping with crumbs, the betterbuy more and ergonomic mattress cocoon for kids.

Toys and entertainment devices

baby toys do not need months to two. But from the first months of life would be nice to hang over the crib Musical mobile toobright colors and have a home one very simple rattle , to periodically concentrate on her child's attention, as do the doctors, checking vision baby. Educational mats and complex rattles will be interesting to the child much later.

All other Soup as a heaterand cleaner bottles, baby monitors and other household appliances are not necessary and may not be useful at all.Many of them are just good marketing ploy, because each of us wants to ensure that your child all the best.However, only you know what you need to you and your future baby for a comfortable and happy life!

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