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To improve the situation, the Russian government considered the issue of low birth rates, and the answer was the adoption in 2006 of the Law "On additional measures of state support for families with children" (Law number 256).

so-called "maternity capital" implies a payment for a second or subsequent child born or adopted after 1 January 2007. right to receive it are citizens of the Russian Federation:

  • woman who gave birth to or adopt another child (or third and subsequent children, if she had not previously used this law);
  • man, which is the only adopter second or subsequent children, as well as the father or adoptive child in certain cases (death of the mother, the announcement of its dead, deprivation of her parental rights and a number of other cases);
  • minors or adults, if they are studying full-time in educational institutions (up to the end of the study period or until age 23).This right of the child occurs in special cases with respect to both parents.If several children, the mother's ca
    pital is divided between them in equal parts.

necessary to note that children, for whom it was made, or deprivation of parental rights revoked adoption, as well as stepchildren or step-daughter, is not taken into account when considering an application for the grant of maternity capital.

What you need to get the mother's capital?

For maternity capital is necessary to submit documents to the regional office of the Pension Fund of your place of residence.You must submit the following documents:

1. The application for a certificate.

2. The document proving your identity, citizenship of the Russian Federation, the place of actual residence (if necessary - the same identity document of the legal representative or authorized person).

3. Birth certificates of children, as well as documents proving that they are citizens of the Russian Federation.

4. Additional set of documents, which is available in special cases.

Documents can be sent to the territorial body of the Pension Fund by mail.If you choose this method, you do not need to send the originals - only notarized copies.The date of receipt of the application and other documents shall be the date of their registration with the body of the Pension Fund.

term of consideration of the application - one month, within 5 days after the end you must notify the decision.If positive, the certificate are sent by registered mail.The reasons for a negative answer can only be:

  • no right to receive maternity capital;
  • termination of rights on grounds established by Law number 256 - the provision of false information or the use of the parent capital in full.

Maternity Capital is a one-time cash payments, aimed at stimulating the birth rate in the country in this regard, at the legislative level specified directions and methods of use of these funds.Currently, it can be spent:

  • to improve their living conditions - as the initial payment on the mortgage, according to the contract of sale of property for the construction of individual houses, to participate in the joint construction (but you can not spend the money to buy landsite, to repair the apartment or building materials for him, as stipulated by the repayment of loans for the purchase of household appliances, a car or pay off debts of rent);
  • children's education (in educational institutions in the Russian Federation: universities, colleges, high schools, schools, kindergartens) - this option can be used up until the child is 25 years old;
  • mother's pension account (funds may be used to increase the funded pension mother, both in public and in the private fund).

State has met the citizens having the right to maternity capital, allowing it to spend on parts and different needs.The unspent balance will be indexed annually.

certificate for maternity capital is "a security" and shall not be issued in the form of cash.Also, in order to protect the interests of children and the state holder can use the certificate only after the expiration of 3 years from the date of birth of the child, although the paperwork can start six months earlier.

Some interesting features of the legislation:

1. The original size of the parent capital - 250 000 rubles.This amount is indexed in line with inflation.

2. If you have dual citizenship can apply for granting maternity capital only to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

3. In the case where a man receives a maternity capital, nationality does not matter.

4. Since 2010 there is a possibility to receive a lump sum of 12 000 rubles.

5. Maternal capital exempt from tax on personal income.

6. Parents do not have the right to receive maternity capital, if the child died during childbirth.However, there is a court case in which a woman has proved its right, despite the fact that the child lived for only a week, becausethe main document in the preparation of the parent capital - the birth certificate of the child.

7. In the Moscow region give additional maternity capital in the amount of 10,000 rubles.This amount is not indexed.

8. Since 2009, it became possible to use the maternity capital to the three years of the child.But it is possible to do it only for the repayment of a mortgage loan.

Maternal capital - is not the only form of assistance to the family where the baby came.There others.

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