How to choose a baby name

More often parents argue with each other and offer more and more options.List of names of possible increases due to tips grandmothers and other relatives who for some reason is always better to know what will suit your child.Sometimes parents agree that the girl calls dad and a boy - my mother, or vice versa.However, in this case the question can not be avoided.And it also happens that the kid as if he tells you how to call it: you look at him, even such a small and obscure, and the name itself flies from his lips.Let's look at the basic aspects, which usually take into account when choosing a baby name.

combination with patronymic

child does not always remain chubby toddler, someday he will grow up and find a job, and may become an important director or teacher.It will be called by name and patronymic, so it's important to make sure that they are well combined with each other.Here are the basic rules for the selection of the name, combined with the middle name:

  • If patronymic sonorous contains
    such sounds and combinations as p, a, I, Br, etc., mercury and so on, pick him a softer name, or a combination of tooaggressive.Compare "Arthur R." and "Eugene R.».
  • last letter of the first name and middle initial should not be the same, otherwise one of them will always be "swallowed" in the pronunciation.Same thing with the same syllables (eg, Bogdan Antonovich).
  • To the long patronymic Pick a short name, short - long, but to the average - average (Anna Nikolaevna, Konstantin L. Nicholas O.).
  • name as possible should have a patronymic common national roots."Suzanne I." certainly cause others smile.
  • Give up the idea to name the baby so that his name and patronymic of the duplicated name and patronymic of famous people.Do you think a label hang your son in the community, call you it Stalin?
  • should not be called the son of the name of the father, if it is not a strong need.Think of a child's own name, otherwise his whole life will be compared with the parent and expect a repeat of its fate.

combination with the name is not as critical, but when a name is necessary to consider all the factors.

Choosing a name for the calendar

Church Calendar - a list of Orthodox saints.Each day, the day is one or more of them.One name may be two or more days a year.Every kid after baptism comes a patron - a saint with the same name as the day coincides with the birthday child or the closest to it on the calendar.Knowing in advance the anticipated date of birth, you can make a list of all possible names and select liked.The closest to the birth of this holy day celebrated the name day of the child.If the child can not name the Orthodox name, in baptism would give him more.

Name Meaning

Many believe that the name of a person affects his character and destiny.There are many books dedicated to the value of different names.If you believe in it and you have the time to read this and decide collection with a name based on what qualities would you like to see your own child.Either way, your expectations are sure to affect the formation of the character of the kid.

Popular names

In every era there are the most popular names.For example, in recent years it is very common these are: Nikita, Daniel Alexander, Arseny, Matthew - for a boy and Mary, Vasilisa, Barbara, Anastasia, Victoria - for girls.Some people believe that choosing a name for a child like that, they will help him adapt more easily in today's society.Someone, on the contrary, want to see the kid stood out from the rest.In any case in advance to find out what it is now often referred to as children, before finally decide.Maybe you do not want your son Nikita was fifth in class.

Do not give your child too original, dissonant or unpronounceable name, even if you've been dreaming about this since childhood, because it is his, he will hear every day all his life.Sometimes it happens that children begin to hate your special name, and, having reached the age of majority, change it to a more widespread.Try to select a name not too popular, but not puzzling glances.

Zodiac Signs

If you believe in horoscopes, try to choose a name based on the zodiac sign of your child.Complete lists you can easily find on the Internet.


Another way to choose the best name of the child - to take into account the year in which he was born.According to this theory, "winter children" too harsh, it is necessary to adjust using "soft" name: Athanasius, Valentin, Valery Vitaliy, Eugene, Ilya, Michael, Paul Simon, Belief, Galina, Eve, Zoe, Yaroslav.

indecisive and weak "spring" children should be stimulated by means of a strong name: Spartak, Timur, Bronislaw, Ludwig Oscar, Golden, Catherine, Rostislav.

«Summer" children often flabby and too kind, they will not prevent persistence, which gave them names such as Hleb, Demian, Anatoly, Constantine, Mark, Tigran, Rodion, Antonina, Zemfira, Diana, Lyudmila, Martha, Renata.

Babies born in autumn - the most balanced in them enough strength and softness.They fit quiet beautiful names: Herman, Arseny, Anton Bogdan, Myron, Elizabeth, Kyra, Maya, Hope.

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