My mother's lullabies for children

In ancient lullabies for children had a sacred meaning - they served as a kind of spell-amulet.Every kid had a lullaby song composed mother immediately after birth and singing every day, wanting it to the child's health and the protection of higher powers.Pagan rites has long lost its relevance, but modern scholars who have studied extensively the effect of melodic tunes on maternal health and child development, yet mothers are advised not to neglect the children singing lullabies .

Singing lullabies perinatal

The fact that the unborn baby is alive reacts to the melodic sounds of the mother's voice and, repeatedly proven by scientists.Relaxing sound vibrations emanating while singing lullabies to help the crumbs being in the womb calm down, to feel safe, to feel the connection with the mother, to get used to her voice.Expectant mothers singing lullabies, active oxygen to your body.This helps to avoid many of the unpleasant symptoms of toxicity and enrich this vital element body of the d

eveloping fetus.Especially shows perinatal singing lullabies kids experiencing hypoxia, decrease in heart rate and any manifestations of perinatal encephalopathy.

Lullaby therapy

Lullabies for children - a unique therapeutic and prophylactic.It is proved that children who fall asleep to the melodious tunes of the mother, much less marked nervous tics, poor coordination, stuttering.These children are growing more balanced, obedient, do not have problems concentrating.

Lullabies and development of a child's speech

Recurring intonation lullabies for children teach kids to make a distinction between words and catch the rhythm of speech.After some time, due to multiple repetition of the same words and phrases in the song of the parent, the child will form a phonetic map native language vocabulary.Preschoolers, listening to bedtime lullaby azah get an idea of ​​the grammatical structure of the language, learn to allocate root word (cat, cat Kotok, Kotya), will make his speech more colorful and expressive.Lullabies and positive effect on the development of diction - with their help, the child learns to speak at the right pace, clearly and without swallowing the words.

How to sing lullabies for children

to sing the baby a lullaby, do not need to have a perfect ear for music.For a small listener mother's voice will always be the most beautiful, melodic and soothing, so do not be shy.Singing a lullaby to do the usual ritual, an integral part of the procedure bedtime.Start singing, placing the child in the bed, and continue singing for a few minutes after leaving the baby to sleep.And do not forget to smile during the song!Learn lullaby is not difficult - it can be proven for centuries folk song ("Kotja-kotenka" "Hush-a-bye," "Oh, how the dream went on the bench," and others.) Or modern ("Lullaby Dipper"" They sleep tired toys "," behind the stove singing cricket ", etc.).

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