How to calculate ovulation

What is ovulation?

Cycle is the time from the first day of menstruation until the first day of the following month.For most women, the cycle is a period of 28 to 30 days, but smaller or larger time-cycle - normal, if established and regular.Ovulation is necessary in the middle of the cycle, that is, most of the ovaries ovulate in its second week.

knowledge of ovulation must be as a woman that wants to have a baby, or any other woman in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.Moreover, knowing the specific time of ovulation, a woman can determine the disruption of the reproductive and endocrine systems, as well as help the physician diagnose potential infertility and its appearance.

Calculate ovulation is quite effective additional means of protection from unwanted pregnancy for women with contraindications to the use of uterine spiral, contraceptive drugs intolerance and allergies to condoms.

Methods for determining the timing of ovulation.

The first thing to mention test saliva crystallization

, by which the doctor easily detects ovulation.In this case, the action is revealed to the saliva of female sex hormones during ovulation, which makes it different from the composition of saliva at the usual time.

Modern medicine has developed and manufactures convenient individual tests to detect ovulation, the composition of the saliva-like lipstick and equipped with a small microscope.

the day of ovulation "picture" of saliva becomes clear, it appears certain structures, which were detailed in the instructions for use of the test.Guarantee of the test - 97-99%.It is desirable to use it in the morning, before brushing.

test strips ovulation resemble the usual pregnancy tests.The principle of its action is also similar to the said test - it determines the presence of luteinizing hormone, responsible for ripening eggs.

Two bars indicate the presence of ovulation (within two days).The test is not 100-percent guarantee, and is considered an auxiliary means of identifying ovulation in conjunction with the method of calculating ovulation calendar and temperature method.

method of calculating ovulation calendar is the definition of approximate time of ovulation, based on specific data about the cycle of the individual woman.Women planning a pregnancy should be required to record the start and end dates of monthly, as well as their character - heavy, medium, poor, to have information on the sexual organs and make it available to the doctor.

to determine the timing of ovulation for the average cycle of 28 days should be added to the day of the onset of menstruation for 14 days.This method of determining the oocyte maturation is more suitable for women planning pregnancy.For those who, by contrast, does not want to get pregnant, it is best to use a saliva test and temperature test.

Temperature Ovulation Test - is as the name implies, the measurement of the body temperature of a woman who in the days of ovulation increased by 0.5-1 degrees.The woman may not notice such an increase, and a regular thermometer is not always accurately identifies these fluctuations.

best to use for measuring body temperature with a rectal thermometer.Measure the temperature recommended in the morning, immediately after waking up and immediately record the results.Carry out this procedure, starting with the first day of the cycle in order to determine its normal values ​​for yourself at the usual time.On a day when the temperature rises, conception is most likely.

Remember, conception is possible, and if the sexual act occurred a few days before ovulation, because sperm can survive already inside the female reproductive system during these very days and fertilize the egg, "revive" the time of its releaseinto the fallopian tube.

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