premature birth are considered birth that occurred in the period from 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.The weight of the fetus in this case is from 1000 to 2500 there are situations where children are born weighing 500 g for about 22 weeks of pregnancy, but at the present level of medicine, doctors are able to help this child survive despite extremely low weight.

causes of premature birth are similar to the causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy.These include hormonal disruptions, infectious diseases carried over the mother during pregnancy, stress and abdominal trauma.The risk group includes women, abuse of nicotine, alcohol and drugs, as well as having a history of abortion.The causes of preterm birth can also be:

dramatic weight gain mother. Before your birth weight should increase by 12 kg, max.

Malnutrition. Pregnant women are encouraged to eat foods with a high content of zinc, in fact it helps prevent premature birth.

Sexual intercourse in the last trimester, too, can cause prem

ature birth, so doctors recommend abstain from sex during the last months of pregnancy .

physical labor. should limit physical activity at work.It is advisable to leave it altogether.If you are on duty you must stand, it often take breaks and rest.

placenta previa. Hidden symptom, which can not know until the bleeding.

too young mother (17 years) and, on the contrary, mature (over 35 years) also need specific medical care, becausetoo young mothers need to obtain full of vitamins, to bear a child and an adult may have genetic changes and obstetric problems.

multiple pregnancy. Usually, women with multiple pregnancy give birth to 3 weeks before the expected date of delivery.Prevent Premature birth can: meticulous custody, proper diet, bed rest, restriction of physical activity.

Sometimes it happens when the woman who gave birth prematurely, hears the phrase: "The cause is unknown," because they did not have any of these risk factors and pregnancy was right.

symptoms of preterm labor

Signs of preterm labor can be divided into three groups:

  • threatening.Characterized by unstable pulling back pain and abdomen, similar to menstrual pain.
  • starts.The cervix is ​​shortened and expanded.Pain becoming cramping in nature, the tone of the uterus is regularly upgraded.
  • went into premature labor are characterized by a change in vaginal discharge.They may have red or brownish tint, a woman can withdraw thick mucus plug.Finally, there is a delayed rupture of membranes.

inherent to preterm birth following features: discoordination, uterine inertia, or vice versa too strong labors at which births are considered rapid.

Precautions for threatened preterm labor

Pregnancy in women with threatened preterm labor may be prolonged medication, provided the whole membranes.If the fetal bladder was discovered and there was an outpouring of water, it is no longer possible to continue the pregnancy because of the high risk of infection.In this case, doctors expect 12 hours before the onset of labor, and if this does not happen, then stimulate the birth.

If you have any symptoms indicating the possibility of premature birth, treatment should be differentiated and include:

  • bed rest;
  • sedatives;
  • antispasmodic drugs.

In the case of preterm labor women urgently need to be hospitalized in the maternity hospital because you may need assistance at any time.The hospital will do everything to try to keep the pregnancy as long as possible and not very dangerous.

Features of development of preterm infants

have a premature baby, there are signs of immaturity: a faint cry of a baby, a large number syrovidnoy grease down on the body and a small length of the hair on his head, too soft ear and nasal cartilage, underdeveloped genitalsand respiratory system.Premature infants are unstable to stress, and their digestive system can not yet fully absorb some of the necessary substances in milk.Premature babies and high risk of infection is too fragile blood vessels.In the future, these children noticed a problem with the physical and mental development; they later begin to crawl, sit and walk later than their peers begin to talk.

Overall, prematurity dangerous to life of the child and maternal health, despite the fact that modern medicine has advanced enough in the matter.If you notice at least weakly threatening signs of preterm labor, it should immediately inform your gynecologist to be able to recognize them in time to the cause!All in good time!

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