With storks on the mother's shoulders, or how to protect your baby

As stated in one of the ads: « Breast milk - the best food for the baby.It was with their mother's milk the baby gets the nutrients necessary for a healthy and harmonious development. "What is undoubtedly true.His mother, nurturing the child within 9 months of himself continues to defend him and the outside world.And that, in truth, very hard.Help her in this may be the spouse, parents, friends ... But there is an area where help is needed a different kind - the spiritual.

While Communism eradicated religion in the Soviet Union, many of us have you heard about baptism, and some of it and went.Those who are not baptized as a child's parents, took the path of faith alone, turning the church into adulthood.However, about 50 percent of believers - orthodox.Now the big cities there are temples of any faiths, so that problems from a religious point of view there.But in virtually every faith there is a ritual, like baptism.We will talk about the orthodox method of communion with God.

On the Internet a lot of information on this subject, and in the church, you can listen to a lecture on the topic, but empirically found that the lecture talking about spiritual education and its necessity, as written in the network does not correspond to reality.How does the procedure and when to start cooking?

First of all, you need to define the church.To approach her choice you need to carefully.They differ in "power", the power of energy.Some are baptized by full immersion, in others - to pour scoop, in the third - just a splash.Somewhere you need to advance to visit a minimum of three lectures, confession, communion, some simply to come to the ceremony.

Stages baptism

Together with the selection of the place of baptism is necessary to define and godparents.There are some pitfalls:

  • is impossible to godparents were in a legal marriage, or were going to draw.Have sexual intercourse between godparents considered a grave sin, which will affect the baby.
  • can not become a godfather, if you have not reached 14 years.Although there are exceptions.
  • birth parents, monks, nuns, or the person leading a sinful lifestyle (murderers, and other criminals) are not allowed as godparents.

main objective godparents - a spiritual education of his godson.However, even in ancient Russia in the wind tried to pick a mentor wealthy people, as in the case of the death of birth parents, they took care of the orphans.Currently, this tradition continues, and preference is given to a responsible and enterprising people that if anything will help daze.

baptism itself can be divided into several stages:

Step 1 Lecture.Basically it says that it is important to go to church, pray, and try not to sin.You will be asked to write the names of the godparents and the data on who will be baptized.

Step 2. Before baptism future godparents should receive communion.Communion - a complex procedure, which includes several elements:

  • before confession should be three days of fasting - to refuse the use of milk, meat or eggs, do not watch TV and do not have sex.At the same time, three days is not counted until the day of baptism, and to confession.
  • evening (morning) service, depending on whether there is a confession after the evening service.She read a prayer in preparation for the remission of sins.
  • Confession.Before it is read in the common prayer of absolution.Confession is held alone with a priest.First you need to say hello and ask absolve.To do this, your head covered "apron" and asked to talk about what bothers you.At the discretion of the priest let your sins, in some cases, it will tell you to be like life and to pray more often.
  • After confession starts another church service, it is more like reading a sermon.If the priest knows his stuff, it can be quite interesting.
  • Communion itself.All line up and kiss the icon first, then the Cross, at the time the priest draws a cross on your forehead with a brush, dipped in a special oil.

Step 3. Baptism.All who are going to baptize line up in a circle of age, the youngest holds a godparent of the same sex (father - the boy, his mother - a girl).Read special prayers, then godson smeared forehead, eyes, ears, arms and knees ecclesiastical oil.After all moved into the pool in a large temple, it is located in a separate room with a pool in the shape of a cross in the temple can install a smaller font in the center of the room.Child dip, are read over it a protective prayer, the priest puts on his cross.After bathing, holy water, returning to the main hall.The priest gives a farewell speech and godparent godson goes along with the icon to the last to touch it with his lips.Godson, the boys still come to the altar, which also applies to holy sites.

Step 4. After the baptism of children with godchildren overlook the street, and birth parents are invited to listen to the priest.He talks about the importance of spiritual education and required immediate action.

Step 5. A week after christening a child should receive communion.Thus children under 7 years come only anointing.

Interesting information:

  1. Mother can not go to the temple for 40 days after delivery.Then you need to ask the priest to read the prayer "mother."If this is done before baptism, the mother can attend it.Some priests say that the mother was close to young children in baptism, in case they are capricious.
  2. From clothes is better to choose baby's undershirt (if baptized adult woman - a long dress if an adult male - pants that it is easy to roll up), because it will need to quickly open your knees and hands.Take a diaper or towel to dry off, if it is complete immersion.
  3. If child's name does not correspond to the names of saints, you will need to choose a similar-sounding of the special church books.
  4. At the baptism of adults are not necessarily invite godparents.
  5. for baptism may attend all comers, the main thing that appearance was appropriate (men can not cover their heads, in sportswear, shorts, shirts with short sleeves. Women - bareheaded, wearing shorts, skirts or dresses aboveknees and short-sleeved).Often, in the church issue skirts capes and headscarves.
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