Smoking during pregnancy

The sooner, the better

Of course, you need to quit smoking before the moment when the woman decided to conceiving a child, if we are not talking about an unplanned pregnancy.Nicotine addiction disappears after a few days, and psychological help to cope with the idea that under your soon clogged heart one more thing - the heart of a child, and his health is completely dependent on you.If at the time of pregnancy, you still smoke, it's a good excuse to overcome the addiction.

The dangerous smoking during pregnancy?

Cigarette smoke, consisting of toxic gases, is one of the most dangerous poisons for the child.Therefore, not only scary when the expectant mother smokes, but also when it is in a smoke-filled room.

  • Infants exposed to passive smoking, the risks are too high SIDS .Also, passive smoking can cause asthma and other respiratory problems a child.
  • If the expectant mother herself is an active smoker, you increase the risk of birth defects the fetus, such as deformation of bones and sk
    ull shape, cleft palate or "harelip."
  • smokers have small babies are born .This is due to lack of oxygen during intrauterine life, which can lead to chronic fetal hypoxia.The supply of nutrients is difficult, and the child loses weight.Quit smoking at least a week to 30-32, you can give your baby a chance to gain weight.
  • There is also a risk of premature birth and abruption in early pregnancy.Premature babies rarely grow high-grade in physical and mental terms, often such children lag behind their peers in their development.Low intelligence and uncontrollable behavior nikotinozavisimost - that's what awaits this child in the future.
    izky intelligence, bad behavior, as well as the child will be more likely to smoke - just a couple of cigarettes and it will be a heavy smoker.
    izky intelligence, bad behavior, as well as the child will be more likely to smoke - just a couple of cigarettes and it will be a heavy smoker.

No matter how often the expectant mother smokes.According to studies, the risk to give birth to a dead baby is even higher in women who smoke only a few cigarettes a day, and it does not matter - light cigarettes or strong.Moreover, smoking carries negative consequences for most pregnant women, especially those older than 35 years, because childbearing is a serious load on the cardiovascular system, and smoking exacerbates all chronic disease and leads to new illnesses.

I want to quit smoking!

So test showed two bands, and ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy.You're in position and you want to quit smoking.The perfect solution!If you are an active smoker, and smokes a pack a day, your child is also nikotinozavisimym, which means that it is necessary to throw a bad habit gradually, day after day, reducing the amount of nicotine consumed.Very give up the habit of smoking is dangerous, as it is a definite stress for the body and threatens a sharp deterioration in the health of the expectant mother.

Smoking and pregnancy - two incompatible concepts in general, as well as pregnancy and alcohol .To become the mother of a healthy baby, you have to give up this bad habit, but wisely and carefully, under the supervision of your doctor.If you are only in the planning stages of her pregnancy, then consider that smoking - one of the most common causes of infertility.No smoking, yes - healthy generation!

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