How to get a place in kindergarten?

in Russian kindergartens, usually taking children aged from 3 to 7 years, but the issue of the child to preschool can be when he was 2 months old.For this you need to apply to the Commission for the acquisition of state preschool educational institutions (in the community).

to record the child in kindergarten must provide the following documents:

  • statement from the parents (or legal representatives) for the admission of the child to preschool;
  • child's birth certificate;
  • passport of a parent;
  • medical card in the form F26, it is made in any medical outpatient facility.The child will need to be examined by a pediatrician, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, surgeon, dentist, podiatrist, and pass the necessary tests;
  • document confirming the receipt of a benefit on the priority (if any).

In setting the child on the account or change the number in the queue specialist education department is obliged to give parents form , stating sequence number for a place in kindergarten, the da

te of registration, and the date and time of re-appearance.

Acquisition of the new school year on time held from May 1 to September 1 , at other times your child may enter kindergarten only if vacancies remain and will be an extra set in accordance with the regulations.

If a child without a good reason not enrolled in kindergarten for 1 month of receipt of the permit, she canceled and the place of the retired baby adopted another.

The region has its own nuances.Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to cover in a single legislative text, particularly in all regions of the Russian Federation, and the averages will not be an indicator - as an example of why dwell on the Novosibirsk region.It adopted a program to increase the number of places in kindergartens , designed for 2011-2015.However, in practice the problem of shortage of places to stay relevant.For the convenience of the parents, an electronic database, which is easy to keep track of their turn for a place in kindergarten.

places in preschool institutions of the Novosibirsk region is primarily provided by the children:

  • working single parents;
  • disabled groups I and II;
  • from large families;
  • under custody and brought up in foster care;
  • parents (or one parent) which are in the military;
  • war veterans;
  • the unemployed, refugees and internally displaced persons (status);
  • full-time students of higher and secondary educational institutions;
  • workers municipal educational institutions (10 days);
  • young workers and specialists of the defense industry of Novosibirsk;
  • attending Kindergarten or standing at least 6 months on the waiting list for a place in Kindergarten in the same area of ​​the city and move to another.

Family kindergarten

currently in Novosibirsk held experiment to create a family child care, they are formed on the basis of a large family in which there are three children of preschool age.They are not independent institutions, and functional departments of municipal gardens.The main requirements that apply to these kindergartens - a separate room for eating, sleeping and playing.It is desirable that one of the parents had a higher education, even if not pedagogical.A kindergarten decides on the professional development of its employees, sends it to the methodical seminars or courses.

Parents who decided to open a family daycare, you need to write an application and consult with him to the department of education in the community.Later, a special commission will study the living conditions of the family, to get acquainted with the documents on the formation of their parents.The final decision on the inclusion in the experiment family kindergartens accept the General Directorate of Education Novosibirsk City Administration, it is preparing an order to open a family day care

C April 1, 2010 all pre-school institutions of the Novosibirsk region, as well as educational institutions, have been translated into normative financing.In addition, in the Novosibirsk region provides for the payment of compensation parents whose children do not attend kindergarten, of 1,000 rubles, while the budget return to one child in kindergarten is 4800 rubles.

Useful links and information:

1. - the official website of the movement "Russian children - affordable early childhood education", which coordinates the activities of the activists of the movement.His goal - to protect the rights of Russian children to quality early childhood education for free.

2. - site for registration in the electronic queue for a place in a kindergarten in VAT; - in Moscow.Within 30 days after registration you will need to provide supporting documents to the district service information support.

3. - More business instruction to open a private kindergarten. Since entrepreneurs have an interest in the opening of the pre-school institutions in the future, the introduction of incentives or other support from the state.

4. - you can see the exemplary embodiments of statements and letters, to protect the right to receive pre-school education.There are already court cases in which the plaintiffs provided a place in kindergartens.

5. In local governments tasked with organizing, coordinating and providing guidance, diagnostic and consultative assistance to families with children under school age at home.

6. Agency of Labor and Employment holds training future business entrepreneurship, as well as providing them with financial support.By developing and protecting its business plan, the unemployed can receive a subsidy of 58.8 thousand. Rubles, as well as grants in the amount of 100 300 thousand rubles, including the creation of a kindergarten.

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