Whim pregnant

Craving for some products in a pregnant woman is strong.Sometimes it can be observed, and an aversion to any meal.What to do in moments of sparkling desire to eat something immediately and a lot?
The movie somehow everything is easier: the newly formed pregnant pulls out of the refrigerator three-liter jar of pickles or go to the store where purchased several buckets of vanilla ice cream.What is most interesting - this time the heroine of the film not for a moment think about their health and figure.In real life, a trip to the store or the conquest of the refrigerator necessarily affect your waistline, and at best.Because for the next appearance, if the doctor sees excessive weight gain, then put you on a strict diet, and whose ordinary woman difficult to adhere to, and what can we say about a man "two in one".
course, I want to give their child the best, including health.And for this purpose should be to eat right.But, unfortunately, during pregnancy your stomach governs not only the mind.But the hormo

nes that and asked to eat something harmful - for example, chips, bacon or soda.

Practice - the key to success

Resistance will - the question of willpower, restraint and self-control.
For example, if you were a vegetarian before becoming pregnant, you will be much easier to resist the urge to eat a whole kuritsu- grill in one sitting.Before pregnancy, you could do without it - so now you can.

Strength offers

Some moms still lucky: they do not have the irrepressible desire to eat something specific.But it also happens that this is the time, "until he gaze falls."Some pregnant live life quietly, but just watching an episode of a film, which flashed a half-second, such as meatballs, they can not do anything about.At this moment they do not understand how to live all this time without meatballs.Meatballs, perhaps, not the most harmful food - in their place may be a cake "Napoleon", belyashi, smoked ham?And sometimes all at once.Therefore, if you can resist, try to keep struggling, or to choose between two evils food to reduce damage to a minimum.

Try to replace one another

Often this helps.For example, for vegetarians, which meat and dreams, there are many meatless options for the replacement that will stay true to his philosophy of food - is, for example, soy meat.Of course, it is difficult to be deceived, but the hormones can be.
Very few women can fully resist eating habits during pregnancy and the right to understand in what nutrients the baby needs them.
Nevertheless, it is a personal choice, because it is responsible for their health and the health of the unborn child.But if you still want to indulge their whims pregnant, do it, not just for eating kilos of smoked turkey.Eat what you want - but gradually.

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