On that raise a child or state aid to mothers

First of all it must be said that the aid is divided into the natural, material and special.

natural state aid

expressed in issuing medicines (prescribed by doctors for children up to 3 years, according to the list), dairy (baby food baby from low-income families in the first and second year of life).To do this, refer to the children's clinic in the community, in the latter case you can also contact the Department of Social Welfare (OSZN) a statement, certificate of family composition, the income of each family member, the right to receive state social assistance.

Currency state aid

List of financial assistance extensive, it includes federal benefits and regional payment:
  • allowance maternity can be obtained either at the place of work, service, study, or OSZN onplace of residence, if you are laid off due to liquidation of the organization.
    from the documents you will need a medical certificate and a work book with a record of the dismissal, a certificate of recognition of employment
    services for unemployed, the decision of the tax authorities to cease the activity as entrepreneurs, private notary or lawyer.The size depends on wages, scholarships.
  • same set of papers required to obtain a lump sum to women who registered in early pregnancy - the amount of 412.08 rubles.
  • lump sum at birth has the right to one of the parents (face it replaces) upon presentation of the workplace (OSZN) birth certificate (certificate authority registrar), certificate of employment (an extract from the labor book, militaryticket and so on. d.) - in the amount of 10 988.85 rubles.
  • Those persons may apply for monthly allowance during leave taken to care for a child , enclosing a child's birth certificate and a certificate of employment of the other parent, that he is not paid.Calculated on the basis of average earnings - 40%, but set a minimum payout of $ 2060.41 rubles.
    With dismissed relatives caring for the infant, further require work book with a record of dismissal in connection with the liquidation of the organization, a copy of the order granting leave to care for a child, a certificate authority employment of non-receipt of unemployment benefits, proof of cohabitation with the child onthe Russian Federation and in some cases - a certificate from the school.
  • compensation of the parent board in kindergartens - 20% returns after treatment in a kindergarten, a statement, a copy of the passport and birth certificate + extract from the decision of the guardianship authority of the guardianship.
  • Novosibirsk provided support for young families (under 30 years) from 6000 to 18000 rubles depending on the number of children born, and in the amount of 10,000 rubles per child in families where the parents are over 30 years old.

in Russia has a program to support the birth rate and one of its manifestations is the payment of additional amounts at the birth of several children at the same time, as well as the sequential increase in their numbers.The most famous of them - maternity capital. increase the size of some of the benefits: a monthly allowance during leave taken to care for a child .

Special state aid

With three children the family is given the status of a large .In this case it subject to the provisions of the special benefits.In particular, 30% discount for utilities, priority adoption kindergartens and allocation of land for gardening, the provision of soft loans for the purchase of building materials for the construction of housing and others.

This may also include various breaks forpregnant women, established by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.You can not attract these women to work at night, on holidays, weekends and overtime, as well as to send on business trips.They do not set the test for employment, dismissal is only possible in 2 cases - at his own request and in connection with the liquidation of the company.At the request of the pregnant woman or the mother of the child up to 1.5 years may be introduced part-time, as well as allocated additional breaks for feeding.

How to protect your rights?

however important to know how to protect their rights and to achieve status of payments.If the situation is related to the employer, then there are two possibilities: the search for a compromise or appeal to the union , labor dispute committee or directly to court .

should be cautioned that these processes are not always resolved in a timely manner, it can not only be delayed but also greatly hurt your emotional state.

In cases where the conflict takes place in granting service manuals, do not hesitate to write a complaint to higher authorities or chief officer.Prior to this, carefully read the text of the law may demand additional documents and information is justified.Another way would be filing a complaint or application to the court.In recent years, effective action is to write and filing appeals to the deputies. This is true in the pre-election period, but you can try in a different time.

important to remember the following:

  • The allowance is calculated taking into account the regional coefficient, except for a flat fee.
  • Application for assistance must be submitted within the time limits established by law.
  • Upon detection of false data in the payment of benefits will be denied.
  • For the military and their families in Russia there are additional payments and benefits, more of them can be found in OSZN residence.In this case you need an application for appointment of the grant, a copy of the marriage certificate, a certificate from the antenatal clinic or other medical institutions, put a woman on the account, a certificate from the military unit, where the recruit arrived for duty at the call (with an indication of life).
  • benefits calculated based on the average earnings of the mother, calculated over the past 12 calendar months preceding the month of the onset of maternity leave.Unemployed and working on ourselves are entitled to the payment of financial assistance provided for contributions to the Social Insurance Fund of at least 6 months.
  • When stillbirth lump sum is paid.
  • All payments apply to children placed in foster care (guardianship, foster family).
  • To obtain the status of a large family should contact the OSZN where you will be given a special certificate.
  • Presidential Decree of 13 May 2008 established the Order "Parental Glory" and awarding the Order of Merit of the "Parental Glory".
  • The NSO operates telephone service "family issue" municipal budgetary institutions in Novosibirsk City Centre on the prevention of child abandonment "Sunshine": 315-22-15, where you can ask questions about benefits.
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