Children - flowers of life, but how to find them a good kindergarten?

To find a good pre-school institution, need to know what the requirements are presented to him.Despite the fact that the distribution of seats within the competence of local authorities, federal laws that SRN and the model provisions on the device of the kindergarten.

There are several types of kindergartens:

  • obshcherazvivajushchih;
  • children's early development, preschool age;
  • compensation;
  • care and sanitation;
  • combined.

stands apart Child Development Centre.

Recently, new forms appear : group short-term stay of children, sports and recreation centers and early correction on the basis of educational institutions and others.All of them do not exist separately, but on the basis of municipal and private institutions licensed.Sometimes open informal «children's clubs» .

According to the Law "On education" from 10.07.1992 № 3266-1 (Art. 18, para. 4), the relationship between parents and preschool educational institution governed by the treaty.It covers all the rights, duties and responsibil

ities of the parties, as well as the duration of the stay of the child in the kindergarten;calculation of the fees charged for the maintenance of the child.Before you sign the contract, pay attention to list of paid services, that provides preschool.Know that you have the right not to pay the costs in excess of this list.The additional services can not substitute for the educational activities financed from the federal budget.These services can be directed to:

  • on literacy, mastering the skills of reading, writing, numeracy;
  • on the development of cognitive and speech abilities of the child;
  • on the formation of interest in the native language as an important means of verbal communication;
  • the formation of culture, independent thinking and a holistic view of the world, the basics of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

These programs are developed by employees of the kindergarten alone, but on the basis of state educational standards.

Duration children in pre-school institutions depends on the ability of institution to organize meals and naps:

  • 3-4 hours (without food and sleep);
  • to 5 hours (without sleep, but with the disposable food intake);
  • more than 5 hours (with a break for sleep and meals every 3-4 hours).

Sons Group is determined on the basis of the calculation of the area of ​​the playroom: the nursery rate of not less than 2.5 square meters.per child in pre-school groups - at least 2 m.

not disregard the question quality teaching staff. To work in a kindergarten allowed people with secondary vocational or higher vocational education (this must be confirmed by documents of the state sample).It is also possible passage of special courses, but this option is more common in home nurseries.To work with children is not admissible if the person: deprived of the right to engage in educational activities upon conviction, previously convicted, is recognized as incapable or have certain kinds of diseases.

If you have any problems with the tutor and work it out in private conversation is impossible, write statement addressed to the head of the kindergarten.You can also file a complaint with the Department of Education of the RF subject, his duty - to oversee the execution of the federal and regional legislation in the sphere of education.

It is also important to kindergarten complied with health standards. Note furnish: it must be smooth, allowing wet cleaning and disinfection.The area of ​​preschool institutions should be divided into a game and economic zone.

Before making a final decision not forget to check Charter selected Kindergarten: it contains a lot of useful information on which you can rely, if there are problems.

exclude a child from kindergarten, according to the Regulations on pre-school education can on the following grounds:

  • by their parents or persons acting in their stead;
  • on the basis of the medical report on the health of the baby, precluding the possibility of further stay in the kindergarten;
  • in the case of non-payment (without good reason) of payment for the child's diet for 2 months.

Some features of the legislation and practice:

1. Since 2000, kindergartens work by 5, 10, 12, and 14-hour clock.

2. The size of the parent board in state and municipal educational preschool may not exceed 20% of the costs for the child in it, and for parents with three or more minor children, this amount may not exceed 10%.Parent is no charge for the maintenance of children with disabilities and children with tuberculous intoxication.

3. According to the regulations in force's area of ​​less than about the old rules, becausenot deducted when calculating the area occupied by furniture.

4. Currently very popular pets kindergartens.They are usually created on the basis of a large family, but may be part of "foreign" children.

5. If the child for a month without good reason do not attend kindergarten, it can be expelled.Place him saved his removal from the institution generally developing form in the pre-school educational institution of compensating for the holidays parents.

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