I'm not fat - I'm pregnant!

If you encounter this problem, remember - you are not alone!Rude comments about appearance or tactless questions about how pregnancy occurs - this is one of the most common problems faced by pregnant women.

Oh, so much!

Everyone knows that making rude remarks about weight women.But this rule as canceled when the woman is pregnant.According to the survey, it was found that the most embarrassing comment that is heard during pregnancy, with regard to their weight and build.People do not even think how to respond to the future mother of admiration, astonishment: "Probably bear a hero - you have such a big belly!"or "I can not believe that you have become so big!"

Girl or Boy

Many friends and relatives just eager to know the sex of the baby !Yes, and vysskazat seek their opinion on the matter: "The girl ?! What a pity! I hope you will continue to try to give birth to a boy, and" of course, the expectant mother is unpleasant to hear.


Ironically, those who have already been through i

t, do not seek to alleviate the plight of the expectant mother.Remember that usually comes into view about the pregnancy?Heartburn, tiredness, swelling, toxicosis , childbirth ... Many women love to share experiences and talk about the hard parent share.

too private

some reason many people think that the body of a pregnant woman - is the object of the public domain.From unwanted touching to the stomach to very personal questions expectant mother seem to go mad.But others like do not care: they believe that to find out intimate details of a pregnant woman - this is normal.

How to respond?

If you read this list, nodding his head, remember that you are not alone.The main thing is not to endure it all in silence and do not try to be polite with everyone - if people do not care about your feelings, then you will not have mercy.Of course, sometimes it is easier to tolerate the remark of a stranger in the grocery store, but when so do friends, relatives and colleagues, you should consider - do you communicate with them constantly, and sooner or later you get tired of all this, is not it better just to ask framework?

will help you:

  1. sense of humor.Remember that most people do not try to impose you my opinion, they just want to somehow participate, assist, but do not realize that sometimes overstep the boundaries of what is permitted.
  2. standard answer.Since you already know what will come across a lot of comments, you need to prepare standard ironic answers.
  3. straightness.If someone really goes too far, do not hesitate to tell the man that his remark unpleasant and inappropriate.
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