Crafts of cones with their hands: a funny holiday with the kids

cones - an excellent material for a variety of crafts.Cones - a natural material that is safe for children. Crafts of cones with their hands - a great pastime of parents and children, especially in the autumn season.In order to prepare material for work in warm weather select the children in the park or forest.There, in the open air, you get a lot of fun and collect the necessary materials for crafts from cones with their hands .

crafts from cones "Dinosaur»

Crafts of cones with their own hands - a fun weekend with the kids

This hack will delight kids who love to sculpt clay.To make beautiful dinosaur needed cones, colored clay, fun and fantasy.

first with the baby determine what color will be a dinosaur body parts (legs, neck, head).Determine your child help to mold them, and if he did everything myself, do not forget to praise him for his independence.Cone will be the body of a dinosaur.Prompt your child, how best to attach all parts of the body to the body.BLIND various decorative elements - eyes, spikes.So hack will look even brighter and more beautiful


crafts from cones "Hedgehog»

Crafts of cones with their hands - fun weekend with detmi4

Very interesting crafts from cones with their hands - hedgehog.With young children, you can make a very simple hack.Its creation is necessary only clay and pine cone.The legs and muzzle can be molded from clay and attached to the cone.This simple crafts small child could do himself.And you will only have to praise him and rejoice with him.

If the child is older, then with it you can make a big hedgehog of cones.

Crafts of cones with their hands - fun weekend with children5

to create crafts need to prepare:

  • the opened buds;
  • clay;
  • convex plate;
  • cover of plastic bottles;
  • neck of the bottle;
  • glue;
  • watercolors;
  • scotch.

neck of a plastic bottle glued to the plate.In order to better secure it, you can use glue and tape.As a result, it should get the body hedgehog (plate) and the muzzle (the neck of the bottle).Then we proceed to the coloring hedgehog.It is best to use black.To the body hedgehog glue over the entire surface bumps.From dark paper cut out two circles and glue them on the cover of plastic bottles - should turn his eyes.Put on eyes muzzle Hedgehog and fix them.From plastic bottles can be cut tendrils, paint them in a dark and secure.We are sure that your kid will be delighted with such crafts!

crafts from cones « Crocodile»

Crafts of cones with their hands - fun weekend with detmi3

Very interesting and at the same time simple crafts from cones with their hands - cheerful crocodile.To create need 3 cones and green clay.Cones to distribute size for different parts of the body: head, trunk and tail.Then fasten all parts of green clay, to make legs and eyes.All!Cheerful crocodile of cones ready!

Crafts of cones with their hands help develop imagination, imagination and fine motor skills of the child.Therefore, every mother should be as often as possible to do this creativity with the baby.After all, in addition to benefits, the creation of crafts still brings a lot of fun.

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