The news of the pregnancy

Precious first baby pictures taken during the US will become a great way to share the news.Forget the faceless "Classmates" and "VKontakte", and instead send a photo by US mail to your friends and relatives.
"Since we announced the news to all your friends and family. We ordered 20 cards on which were pictures of my ultrasound. Next to the picture was written:" Boy or girl?Find out the answer in May 2010!"It was a very good and inexpensive way to announce the completion of our family. In addition, we continue to get compliments for originality," - says a young mother Christine Vorontsov.
Another way to use ultrasound pictures - put them in a frame and present as a gift."We timed the ads of this news to the birthday of my mother. When she opened our gift and saw the engraved picture frame with a photo of ultrasound in the center of surprise on her face was replaced by a touching joy - she could not say a word, just handed the frame in a circle, so that allguests can see, "- says Daria Savic


Add News T-shirt
Admit it, you are surprised!Why not?"We bought his son a T-shirt on which was written:" They have done it again.I'll be the older brother. "When we went to his parents, put him in this shirt - and waited for the family understand what was going on" - says Maya, 26 years old.

picture is worth a thousand words

want to remember the facial expressions of friends and acquaintances at the time, when you share with them the joy?Take a picture!Ideal - photos of "before" and "after."Then you can give the photo to all participants.

Social Networks?
With the growing popularity of social networks such as "VKontakte", "Classmates" and Twitter, someone may seem a tempting idea - just send a quick message about pregnancy.It's a great way to spread the information to all the others, when close already know.But not all people like to devote to the details of his life for all my friends online.Before using modern technology, talk with her husband.

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