Gender child's ultrasound

If expectant mothers to give ten rubles every time they are asked about the sex of the child, they do not have to worry about the means to buy diapers for a long time.

If 30 years ago the technology was new and the pictures are extremely clear.Today, ultrasound gives a much clearer picture of what is happening (although the screen can still be a bit unclear).Parents can not only find out the sex of the child at the 20th week of pregnancy, but also to see his face on the 3-D ultrasound (this procedure is carried out on request).

But not all parents want to know the sex of the child before he was born.The choice is yours - and in making this decision and the question of how to answer the curious.


If you know someone waiting for you, you can prepare the room, buy clothes for a boy or girl, choose a name and even begin to use it.This means that you will not only be able to avoid buying "at random", and finally learn that you actually will soon become parents of adorable toddlers.


But if you for some reason do not want to know this - the choice is yours.Sex of the child - one of the biggest surprises that you can afford.Just imagine how doctor will tell you, "Congratulations, you have a girl!"As far as clothing, decoration of the room, toys, cribs, strollers, and other things - you really want an explosion of pink or blue?There's still many other good colors.

In addition, ultrasound is actually intended to ensure that the child is in the correct position and properly developed.Sexing - a minor task.

not in your power

But even if you want it, is not always possible to know the sex of the child.To make it clear, you will have a boy or a girl, with an ultrasound screen should be visible genitals of the child, and it does not always happen.Do not worry and wait for the surprise.In addition, you can always try to determine the sex of a child by other methods, such as using ancient Chinese table .

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