How to survive the pregnancy without toxicity

When you - only you, and there is no need to worry about someone, you can simply buy popular, the main brand of products that you have ever seen and used.But if you decide to have a child, you become more emotional person, and to date all potentially hazardous chemicals around you.
- I was in blissful ignorance of the air polluting toxins in the environment (cancer-causing / asthma / allergy) until you become pregnant - says Oksana Malikov, 26 years old.- Realizing that I can not control everything, from what the child will be unprotected, I decided to switch to environmentally friendly products, to be sure that the baby is not exposed to the threat of various toxins, and that our house will be protected from toxic chemicals, when heborn.

So how can you do a pregnancy clean?

Green fashion

See.This maternity clothes?Women waiting for baby wear long thing.And if you want beautiful clothes, it does not necessarily have to be expensive.
And no need to wait for the onset of motherhood: look for nice c

lothes while you are in position.Unlike those moms who are just after delivery fill their cupboards, looking for tops with empire waist, long maxi dresses, trousers and skirts with lace or an elastic waistband that will be useful during pregnancy.


If you love your house, then the transition to environmentally friendly products is a great start.
Pregnant women should avoid toxic chemicals, such as solvents (usually it means for cleaning furniture and plates).Ideally, all of the standard chemical means should be replaced with non-toxic, and not only during pregnancy.Take this rule in the future.

Healthy Eating

organics Organics strife.What's better?

- When I was pregnant with my second child, I ate almost 100% organic food, organic when cleaning used tools and used the natural cosmetics - said Tatiana, Kholodov, 36 years old.
In any case, whether you choose organic or not (FYI - more related to organic fruits and vegetables with thin skin, but they are likely to absorb pesticides), food fresh, healthy food - the cornerstone.
avoid consumption of processed foods, because they may cause the appearance of overweight and bloating.


Now on the market a lot of cosmetics natural cosmetics.Try it, maybe it's exactly what you need!

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