Heels during pregnancy

Frankly: women love shoes.The novel begins in youth and flares over the years - as the wardrobe of a woman with a shoe is growing exponentially.But that is not all.Shoe love is only reinforced by the magic power of high heels.Whether it's a stud, stable heel fat or something else, high heels add a few cm for women, and improve mood.
Unfortunately, if you are pregnant, people just tell you what you need to go on a flat sole.But do you give up heels?

High kabluli or all of the same health?

In some women, high heels, ingrained in their lifestyle as well as food and a shower.You get used to the extra height, and feel naked without heels."Hell, I wore heels during pregnancy!I did not change their habits shoe as if it had not been pregnant.God help the poor fool who would try to take away my stilettos, "- shared Miroshin Margarita, 31 years old."I have not stopped wearing them until they passed on bed rest, when my feet were swollen to the size of 40, and I could stick them only one pair of beautiful gre

en slippers that are worn in the hospital."

Self-esteem grows up

High-heeled shoes make many women feel strong, sexy, young and beautiful.They can make a day is generally much brighter.And when you are pregnant and your body is changing rapidly in unusual way, sometimes you need support."I accidentally discovered that a high heel does wonders for my self-esteem.I found in a shop a couple of interesting black shoes with straps that are surprisingly comfortable.And I wear them whenever I need to improve self-esteem.At the time when my stomach is so big that I often feel less refined, makes shoes to feel beautiful, "- says Elena Ivanova, 27y.o..

transition Flats

Unfortunately, some expectant mothers, lovers of high heels, these shoes is contraindicated during pregnancy and even after.When propensity to varicose veins, swelling in the legs, diseases of a small basin, the rejection of high heels should be mandatory!
«I'm 31 weeks pregnant and went flat shoes last week.I wore heels and felt good until sciatica (which, according to my doctor, there was, in part, because of wearing high heels).Last week, my legs started to hurt, sneakers and flip flops only helps reduce pain.I wear flip flops to work and wear heels, but if we have a client in the office "- says Catherine Semicheva 26 years.

Expert opinion

what the experts think about wearing high heels during pregnancy?Experts admit that wearing heels during pregnancy is possible, but nevyskie, heel height should not exceed 8 cm. You can wear high heels, but be reasonable.In addition, to improve the stability, choose a heel.Do not choose tankette.

Choose sandals!They will help you to be fashionable and not to endanger himself or his baby.

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