Caring for a child up to a year

Child care up to a year, and any other age ( 2, 3 and so on years. D.) Is difficult.But the first year - the most difficult and crucial period.It was he who determines its further development and health, fitness and other indicators.

How to provide proper care for a child up to a year?Let us examine all issues.

Problem number 1 - umbilical wound!

umbilical wound left after cutting the umbilical cord, often becomes a major problem in the first few weeks after birth.And it requires special care.In the nursing home, she treated every day.At home you will have to repeat all the procedures that are carried nurse.After a swim to wash off all bloody scabs with hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate to grease (5%).Do not worry!Overgrown umbilical wound around the 20th day of life remains.But watching her all the time!If the discharge acquire a greenish or yellowish tinge, have an unpleasant odor, you should immediately contact your pediatrician.

Care child under one year

baby skin is smooth a

nd delicate.But often there are areas of dryness and flaking.They better not touch!Most likely, they will disappear on their own.The task of moms and dads - the minimum concern and monitor the crumbs.It should not scrape or scratch these areas.

crumbs on the head may appear small pustules.This is - the excess sebum.Baby soap to wash the head, removing excess fat.A dry areas can be lubricated with oil.

Newborns often suffer from diaper rash on the skin.Avoid using diapers and diapers are not so simple.Try to change diapers frequently and wipe dry the skin, using the additional and special powders.At least once a day, give the kid a body "breathe."To do this, click to clear all of the diaper and hold baby in an upright position at the closed windows in the sun.

cherish the vision of the child from birth

Newborn care is complete without caring about his eyes.Avoid bright reflected or direct light.Do not allow your child to look at the sun, and photograph it, try not to use flash.At night, just leave a night light, but not overhead lighting.

he washed the child up to a year, wipe the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in boiling water.If you notice pus in the corners, use special drops, consult a doctor who will prescribe them.

And this, the better to hear you

Child care up to one year and must necessarily include the care of his ears.Isolation of sulfur from them - are absolutely normal in appearance when it does not exceed the permissible limits.Leakage from the ears should not be!Independently, you can put a crumb on a warm heating pad for 10 minutes, first one eye and then the other.All the other measures can be taken only on the advice of the doctor.And it will help to get rid of excess sulfur and appoint the prevention of otitis.By the way, manipulation heater - one of the most important measures to prevent all kinds of inflammation.You can use it 1-2 times a month!

Nozzles snub-nosed sopyat

Spout crumbs - not only filter for the nose, but the party of the olfactory process.And importantly, the baby learned to breathe them from an early age.Caring for a child under one year must necessarily be accompanied by a tracking of respiratory processes.At this age, it becomes especially noticeable shortness of breath.Noisy kid can inhale and exhale air.It is very important time to keep track of all violations and to see a doctor.Great risk that, starting to breathe only a mouth crumb starts to get sick often.Cold air will immediately enter the lungs and foster infection.

Carefully follow the purity of the air.Caring for a child up to one year and is at the disposal of the baby from exposure to tobacco smoke, noxious fumes.Avoid smoking and use a sharp perfume.If you cook something, close the door to the kitchen, or use hoods!So you will constantly carry out prevention of various diseases (mostly allergies) and promote it nose breathing.

Play a Scratchy

crumbs Some have come into the world with impressive fingernails.And they can easily scratch, not only you, but also themselves.Always cut our nails a child up to a year.Nail care should be carried out only alcohol-treated scissors.Douse them with boiling water or clean with an alcohol solution (vodka, for example).Do not cut your nails short.So you can hurt your baby!

advice to young parents: cut the nails when a pipsqueak sleeping.At this point the child is relaxed.Use the help of her husband.He can hold a pen or a leg, and you'll shear nail!


It should be remembered that child care before and after the year is not limited to concern about his physical condition.It is very important to communicate with them.Talk, read aloud in his presence, listening to classical music.In the opinion of experienced professionals in the field of pediatric psychologists and early childhood development, it is not just brings you to the crumbs, but also helps them to adapt to new conditions.As long as the baby is not turned 4 months, should safeguard it from contact with other people!Anyone for crumbs - the source of infection.It does not matter - it's herpes or the typical cold.The child easily accepts all bacteria and microorganisms.His body has not had time to develop immunity and any disease can be a challenge both for the baby and for his parents.

But do not give up traveling with a baby on the nature or to visit, especially if he had turned six months.In constant contact with other people, he would see the world.

course, should apply all measures to prevent and avoid contact with strangers completely.You should not kiss your baby often.Even before taking him in his arms, they should be well washed.

child - is a miracle which requires patience, attention and care.Caring for a child up to one year is not necessary to turn to the many rituals and ohana Ahan with or without him.But it should be enough to kid myself always felt protected.

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