Injuries during pregnancy

cause injury during pregnancy

most common cause of bruises and other injuries among pregnant women is considered a swoon.Pregnancy adds clumsy movements, and low blood pressure can lead to dizziness, which causes loss of consciousness.If a woman is at home, and at the same time someone can help her, the situation is not so terrible as it seems.But if there was a faint in the stifling subway or on the street in the winter, there is a risk of small bruises or fractures.Beat the stomach can lead to fetal death in spite of the amniotic fluid, which protects it from injury.In this case, it depends on the strength of the impact.

Quite often the cause of blunt abdominal trauma in pregnant women are car accidents.When drift forward and blow the stomach may cause damage to the uterus, which can lead to premature delivery, uterine rupture and damage to the placenta.

If you during pregnancy drive a car , the consequences of a car accident can be a blunt abdominal trauma, abdominal bleeding due to rupture of

any organs or large blood vessels.

cause injury during pregnancy are household.Most often it burns, dislocations and sprains when walking on stairs or blows when hit the ball or other object in the stomach, if the house is the oldest child.

How to act during an injury?

Do not panic. If you are injured, the first thing to do is to align your breath and calm down.Your panic disorder can be passed to the child and if the situation is complicated by half.Therefore, your main task - to keep his composure.

listen to yourself. you need in a matter of seconds to realize that you have a headache, and determine whether the child is moving.Usually on the last stages of the children are extremely active.

Call a physician. Do not take time for yourself and your child.Immediately call an ambulance that you can explore the qualified doctors.Because of the state of shock, you may not immediately realize the severity of the injury.

Anesthetize. in the medicine cabinet of the pregnant woman must be available first aid, and it is desirable that the kit was easy access, in case you have to help yourself by yourself.Ointments for burns, analgesics, bandages, cotton wool and antiseptic will help you to a doctor soon.

Signs of fetal injury

  • baby stopped pushing ;

  • were bleeding from the vagina;

  • you feel sick;

  • you feel cramping / premature discharge of water.

If you hit his head or back, do not attempt to climb on their own, because the risk to lose his balance again.Enlist the support of family or call an ambulance.

double caution

during pregnancy should keep themselves and adhere to the following restrictions for safety reasons:

  • Refrain from physical activities and sports that require good balance, such as cycling or skating.

  • Wear comfortable shoes without heels and with corrugated soles to reduce slipping.

  • not sunbathe or visit a solarium, so as not to get burned due to the increased sensitivity of the skin during pregnancy.

  • Do not change the position of the body too quickly to avoid dizziness.

  • rest more often and reduce household duties.

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