Toxemia of pregnancy

Causes toxicity

Currently not established the exact cause of the toxicity.Often, even doctors from one medical institution have different opinions on this matter.As a rule, among the reasons cited:

• The restructuring of the nervous system

Since the beginning of pregnancy, a woman's body is undergoing tremendous change, and it takes time to completely rebuild the nervous system.

• Endocrine restructuring

In connection with the endocrine system toxicity indicates that it usually occurs after four weeks of pregnancy, that is when the fertilized egg begins to develop.Until then, hormonal changes do not, therefore, feel remains the same.After twelve weeks, everything falls into place, and symptoms of toxicity usually go.

• gastrointestinal disease

during pregnancy significantly increases the load on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.Accordingly, if a woman has any problems with digestion, then without proper care, they will make themselves known.Many people are not aware of their own in

ternal problems as long as no pregnancy, and with it morning sickness.Be sure to visit the gastroenterologist if nausea and vomiting persist after twelve weeks.

• Psychological problems

Some experts see the cause of toxicity in the field of psychology.For example, pregnancy has become an unpleasant surprise for the woman, she is going through because of the relationship with her husband or overly anxious about the future health of the baby.Nausea can cause even the thought that we are afraid to admit.

• Imunnologicheskaya incompatibility of mother and child

According to this woman's body becomes accustomed to the foreign cells father of the child within yourself, which causes symptoms of toxicity.After a kind of "lapping" everything falls into place.

Not so often, but still there are cases of lack of toxicity during pregnancy, this does not mean that something is wrong flows, so should not be afraid.Also, performing some of the recommendations can be through the entire period of pregnancy without toxicity .

methods of combating toxicosis

In order to successfully get rid of toxicity , it would be nice to understand the true reason for its occurrence.In no event will more than take some primary measures.First, provide comfortable conditions for rest.Get rid of all bad habits, give up during pregnancy and smoking drinking any alcoholic beverages .If you are working or studying, take sick leave or go away on holiday at least for a couple of weeks.Put chores on the shoulders of her husband or other relatives.Go to bed and rest for as long as necessary.You need time to understand and accept his new position, learn to live with it.Listen to your desires.If you want to walk - get out into the fresh air.Try to understand what actions or situations cause nausea.From what you it becomes easier?

Many women are uncomfortable attending only in the mornings.Sometimes it is enough to ask her husband to take care of you and bring breakfast in bed.It can be an apple and a cup of yogurt or something else that you want.Snack, you will feel a surge of strength.If nausea happens to you no more than five times a day, without disturbing you eat normally and go about their business, it is not cause for concern.If you do the whole day you can not eat, you feel weak and dizzy - seek medical advice immediately.Such symptoms threatening dehydration and malnutrition, and indicate that you need urgent hospitalization.

Approximately 10% of all pregnant women in need of special treatment for toxemia , in other cases fight the toxicity can be at home .In order to alleviate their condition, try to follow some rules:

  • sure to get enough sleep at night and lie down to rest during the day - when you feel the need.
  • Waking up, give yourself time to lie down and gradually recover.In the evening put next to the bed salty crackers or a slice of black bread and eat it slowly, not getting out of bed.
  • How can spend more time outdoors.If there is a possibility - go to the cottage or in a nursing home.Often alone is enough to morning sickness stopped.
  • Do not forget about moderate exercise: walking, gymnastics and exercises in the pool for pregnant women.
  • follow the diet.It is important that it was full, and includes fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, cereals and herbs.Drink plenty of fluids.Give up smoking, fatty and salty.

toxicosis in the later stages

Usually, the symptoms of toxicity are gradually leaving after twelve weeks of pregnancy.However, it happens and so that nausea and vomiting appear after twenty weeks and continued until delivery.In addition, late toxicosis (gestosis) may be accompanied by swelling and increased pressure.In this case, without the help of a doctor can not do, because such signs are extremely dangerous and require special measures.Without proper treatment of this condition can lead to serious health problems for both mother and the baby.Late toxicosis is an indication for hospitalization.It is necessary to adhere to the salt-free diet and limit your intake of fluids.In particularly severe cases, the threat to the life of the pregnant woman has to cause birth prematurely or to make an emergency cesarean section.

both early and late toxicosis is easier to prevent than to treat.Take care of your health is still in the planning stages of pregnancy - and then many problems can be avoided.

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