Changing table: we are looking for alternatives

significant disadvantage tables and beds is the height.Mom will always have to bend down, so she may have pain in the back and legs, so that it will be fully focused on their negative feelings.

Some women approach the issue of resettlement child's room with a rational view of the duration of use of a particular thing.Others want to buy a full set of baby dowry, even if some of the items will soon be unnecessary.

Buy changing table or not - the family decides itself.But in the nursery requires a stable, horizontal surface, which could be safely put a child to change his diapers, perform hygiene procedures, to dress the baby.

swaddling board

Pros . This is the easiest, cheapest and transportable version, especially if the parents are not planning a second child.It is also suitable for small apartments.Swaddling board can be moved from place to place;it can also take a visit or to the country.

Cons. No shelves for cosmetics, lockers, baths.The lack of frame forcing his mother to seek a surfa

ce that suits her growth.In addition, the need to find a place for baby items and children's cosmetics.

changing table, constructed on the principle of scissors

Pros. Easy to transport and folds.

Cons . The bed, made on the basis of scissors, is inconvenient in the apartment with uneven floors.This table does not save the place: it has no lower shelves for diapers, towels and clothes.In addition, during transportation it can scratch the floor.

changing table, constructed on the principle of shelving

Pros. Pelenalnik-bookcase saves space in the room, easily transported.The presence of open shelves facilitate access to things.

Cons . not the cheapest option.

Chest pelenalnikom

Pros . Mom does not need to leave your child unattended: cosmetics and things are in dresser drawers.The height of the chest, you can pick up, and my mother will not feel swelling, pain.Availability boxes save space in the room.

Cons. It is the most expensive option.Changing mat can slide, which is not very convenient.


There are many alternatives to the traditional changing table.Among them - the oilcloth for changing diapers (Babies R Us, Baby Depot), which can be used on any horizontal surface, dresser with Spreading riding for changing (in the future turns into a closet to store children's clothes), changing bag, where you can put all the itemsrequired for diapering.

So when the changing table is still required when choosing to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • natural safe water resistant material (wood, latex);
  • stability;
  • wheels with brakes;
  • large size swaddling surface;
  • presence trays diaper depot, shelves, pockets, hanger.
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