Pregnancy and heat

Less water - more fruits

Refreshments and beckon his appearance on the shelves of street refrigerators, but soda is better to exclude pregnant at all.Shop juice is also not the best option to quench your thirst.Instead, another glass of sweet water is better to eat fruit that will not only satisfy your fluid needs, but also to replenish stocks of fiber and vitamins in the body.As an exception, you can drink mineral water without gas, and cranberry juice.It improves kidney function and helps prevent swelling.In hot weather, try not to abuse the tea and coffee.

without salt and sugar

salt accumulates in the body and holds the liquid that provokes the edema in pregnant women, especially in the last stages.In order to reduce the swelling, it is necessary not only to reduce fluid intake, but also to exclude from the diet of salt!Salt-free diet is very useful in the last two months of pregnancy.Doctors recommend not to abuse and foods with high sugar content.If you do not have allergies, try to repl

ace sugar with honey.

Water Treatments

On hot days, the water shows the procedure without restrictions.Take cool baths for hands and feet with a drop of peppermint essential oil - it has a cooling effect.Just be careful: mint stimulates, so do not drop into the water more than one drop and carry out more than one procedure per day.The rest of the douche can help you cope with the heat.Pleasant will light wiping with a damp towel and sprays based on plant components.

Walking on the regime

In the period from 12.00 to 16.00 hours the sun is particularly active, so pregnancy is not recommended to go out at this time.Let your walk will be held on the treatment of morning and evening.In the morning, the air is cleaner and fresher, and in the evening the heat subsides.With an always carry a small bottle of tap water in case you become stuffy or thirsty.

The freer the better

summer give preference to natural fabrics and bright colors will cover the free clothes.Let this be a linen and cotton.Free tunics, light dresses with high waist, special clothes for pregnant women.Clothes should not rub and hamper your movements.Wear light open shoes without a heel, thereby reducing the likelihood of edema: textile ballet flats and sandals fit perfectly.Remove the ring finger, so as not to impede blood flow.

Charging is on!

summer standard physical activity for pregnant women to reduce the better.In the morning, do a very simple exercise, and in the evening after a shower massage your feet and lower legs.You can use cream of tired legs.An excellent combination of physical activity and escape from the heat is swimming, so do not be lazy to go to the pool!Do not overload the care and household chores, ask for the help of relatives.Get plenty of rest, but do not forget about the situation on foot walking through the park.

What to do in case of overheating?

During pregnancy exacerbated all the feelings and symptoms.If you feel discomfort in the form of dizziness or high blood pressure, it is best to contact a doctor immediately because it may be the first symptoms of heat stroke.

course, better to spend the summer on the coast, especially when you are responsible not only for their health but also the health of the unborn little man.But there need to be careful not to overheat, in the shade, do not swim deep, there is only a light meal, do not eat perishable foods.Enjoy the summer sun and without risk to health!

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