Signs of false pregnancy

So, what is a false pregnancy?

This set of signs and symptoms of pregnancy in the absence of the real presence of the fetus in the uterus of women.Among the signs of pregnancy include abdominal enlargement, nausea, and vomiting (ie toxemia of pregnancy ), delayed menstruation, and even the movement of the fetus after 3-4 months after the start of false pregnancy.

In recent years, thanks to the wide dissemination of pregnancy tests, cases of such diseases have become very rare.After all, when false pregnancy in women not form the substance of the placenta, which also responds to the sale in a drugstore test.Techniques such as ultrasound and pelvic examination, guaranteed almost entirely recognizability of false pregnancy.

However, there are cases when a woman is not available a comprehensive medical examination, or it does not go to the doctor intentionally, because they do not trust the medicine.This woman can enjoy her pregnancy for a long time.There are cases when a woman "wears the child" t

o the ninth month, and only then it turned out that there was no baby and there was not.

Why is there a false pregnancy?

main reason - psychological. Pseudopregnancy - is hormonal and autonomic disorders which may be caused by factors such as panic at the thought of pregnancy and related strong emotional experience or, on the contrary, a strong desire to become pregnant, to strengthen the family.

Most often false pregnancy occurs in older women who want to have children and realize that the reproductive period comes to an end, and soon the menopause.In addition, the recorded cases of false pregnancies in women believers feel guilty at the thought of the relationship with the man and pregnancy.

Women who are diagnosed with « false pregnancy », have in common - a rather weak nervous system, suggestibility and sensitivity.Not for nothing, the disease has a second name - hysteroid pregnancy.

way, despite the possible hypochondria and nervous tension, women do not invent symptoms of pregnancy, they are developing is actually what is to blame of the autonomic nervous system that operates separately from the cerebral cortex.


doctor takes women with suspected false pregnancy , certainly is testing with a simple test, then examines a woman and, if necessary, directs ultrasound.

these procedures can be sufficient, but you must also exclude such possible causes of false pregnancy , tumors of the pelvic organs, and other diseases of the genitourinary system and disruption of the endocrine system.To determine the presence of these phenomena doctor prescribes special analyzes.

psychological aspect

If false pregnancy arose on the basis of the strong desire of women to have children, even the doctor's soft words about the real state of affairs can bring it to a state of frustration and even depression.Many women, especially in adulthood, it is hard to accept the fact that the kid they will not.

sometimes need help of a psychologist, and the presence of manic disorders - psychiatric intervention.Relatives and close friends women must understand her condition and give it the most comfortable psychological atmosphere for rapid rehabilitation.

way, false pregnancy can occur in animals, and sometimes even men, in the presence of serious mental disorders. case of repeated false pregnancies from the same women were recorded in an amount close to zero.We can say that after this disease in women is produced by the psychological and hormonal "immunity".

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