Postpartum Depression


Among physicians there is no consensus that the causes of its appearance, but some patterns can be identified.This condition is rarely visited by women who are physically healthy, financially secured and supported the family.At the same time, no one expert can not give you an absolute guarantee that you will not touch this issue.Here are some of the factors that adversely affect the status of women after childbirth:

  • Lack of funds
  • bad living conditions
  • tendency to depression (for example, you have already had the disease before, or from suffering any of the family members)
  • Complications during pregnancy, poor health
  • negative attitudes towards your pregnancy
  • Stresses
  • Lack of education expectant mother
  • passivity and avoiding problems with the younger Pope
  • Professional uselessness

age of forty years

If you are at risk, try to advance, even before pregnancy, to ensure that the negative factors had no effect on your condition.For example, it is not necessary to give birth on

ly in order to keep the windy man.Believe me, it will not change after the birth, and without his support, you will be hard.Protect yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety, remember that the main thing now - it's you and your future child, which is vital calm and confident mother.Do not let someone decide for you how to live.Prepare material basis, and if this has not been done before pregnancy, find themselves being overbearing part time, which you can engage in and after childbirth.For example, you can do translations or writing articles on the Internet, or to work as a nanny.This will not only help solve your financial problems, but do not make you feel helpless.


Here are some signs that indicate that you have postpartum depression:

  • you feel that you can cry at any time, with or without.Tears rained day and night, any criticism is seen as a tragedy of the world scale
  • Newborn baby annoys you, and his lament is extremely negative emotions.You catch yourself thinking that rushed to pregnancy, you were better off without the kid.You may feel that the baby is crying and acting up to you to spite
  • you feel that other people are unhappy with the way you play the role of mother, they would have done so much better
  • you think that life seemed to have become a vicious circle, which consists ofdiapers, baby crying, bottles, night lifts and the like.You do not see the lumen increasingly perform their duties on the machine, without feeling any love or tenderness to the newborn baby
  • you can easily break on close, yell at them, or even a child, although I understand that by doing so make it worse
  • Beloved husband becomes a stranger as if he committed does not understand you, but the thought of sex is disgusting
  • own appearance leads you into depression, you do not want to update your wardrobe, make up.You do no longer understand why we did before.

If you agreed with at least three points from this list - it is a serious occasion to address to the doctor.Even if you close only one of them - do not let it take its course, talk to the husband or other loved one, and together find solutions.I do not think that in such a state of things, and things will get better by itself over time.Your baby is now needed you and only you, your warmth, your love and your attention.In the first months of life formed the basis for confidence in the world, this period affects the entire life of the little man.In addition, your husband probably is not experiencing as much as you seeing this state of his beloved wife.It is possible that he does not know how to show it, and was not used to sharing their emotions, because society expects from him the courage and serenity.But why jeopardize your family happiness, if postpartum depression can be successfully treated?And did you yourself do not want to start to enjoy life again and look to the future without fear?

methods of struggle

  1. heart to heart talk with someone who understands you and has always supported, be it husband, mom or a close friend.Tell all feel on this one you will feel better.In addition, the view from the outside will help you find ways to combat the disease.It is useful to communicate in discussion forums.There are going to the same young moms, and they will understand your problems and help the council.
  2. Ask family for help.And what specifically is your request, the better.It is useless to talk to her husband: "I'm so tired, why did not you help?" To be an effective say it bluntly: "My dear, wash, please, floors and cook dinner, and I lie down, because very tired" Great if your mom orin-law prepared to provide all possible assistance.However, they may be mistaken in regard to what kind of help you need, so as accurately as possible formulate a request: "Mom, sit down, please, with the baby, and I'll go shopping."
  3. Relax!Use every opportunity to relax: go to bed with the baby, and a walk, while the child sleeps in the stroller, do light exercises.If it's warm, bring your blanket and go to the park, you have a great chance to lie down with a book a couple of hours.Meet with friends outside the walls of the apartment, while my father talking to the baby.Believe me, even a couple of hours you will be enough to distract and to look at life more fun.Rest and can be with your child: go to a restaurant in a shopping center, to visit a friend, who also have children.
  4. Do not bother cooking, it is better to devote time to reading an interesting book or watching a movie.Nothing bad will happen if some time you will have a semi-finished products, but the advantage of it is huge.Try to pre-purchase a dishwasher and multivarku, they greatly facilitate you the burden of household chores.
  5. Get yourself active hobbies and dedicate it at least two or three hours a week: dancing, horseback riding, just running around in the park.Most listen to music and go under it, along with the baby.

If you feel you can not cope alone, contact a specialist checked.Do not spare the money for it, because of your condition depends on the fate of the child and the whole family.Try not to forget that any difficulties can be overcome.The kid will not always be so helpless, one day he will embrace you with their little hands and say, "Mommy, I love you so much!ยป

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