Tests during pregnancy

Once an expectant mother makes a pregnancy test and it is positive, it can be assumed that without familiarity with the doctors can not do.If you have long been observed in the women's clinic - well, you get used to and do not have to queue and white robes.Distrust of medicine is better to try to reduce to a minimum.If you have a bad experience with doctors from public clinics - contact privacy.Doctors can not completely ignore.

What do I need to put you on the account in female consultation?

First of all you will be referred to a comprehensive examination.You will need to go to final clearance Laura, dentist, optician, physician, surgeon and endocrinologist.Existing problems need to be addressed, as even a small hole in the tooth can cause problems - tooth decay during pregnancy is most intense because of calcium deficiency.

All data collected about your health to your doctor need to get a complete picture of pregnancy.The doctor has one goal - the successful resolution of your position and the bi

rth of a healthy baby.Therefore they are related to the procedure for the signature sheet bypass responsibly.

first analyzes

pregnant immediately appoint the following tests:

  • a blood test for HIV, hepatitis and RW;
  • blood test for the Rh factor;
  • blood test for antibodies to TORCH infections (toxoplasmosis, rubella, herpes, cytomegalovirus);
  • CBC;
  • blood sugar;
  • urinalysis;
  • urine test for sugar;
  • general analysis of feces;
  • swab from the nose;
  • swab from the vagina.

In addition, your doctor must conduct a general inspection.Not to be tested - a bad choice, because in this case you will not accept to give birth in an ordinary hospital.By law, women give birth without the handed over analyzes in infectious department with infected patients and drug addicts.Agree, much easier to do things right?

You can do genetic analysis , which will reveal malformations of the child.

analysis in mid-pregnancy

During pregnancy, the doctor will give you a referral for a general analysis of blood and urine tests every month.If you have a negative Rh factor and her husband - positive or if you have the first group of blood, and her husband - a friend, you will be required to donate blood to Rh-antibodies and hemolysin, in the first half of pregnancy once a month, andin the second half - twice.

At 14-18 week is generally recommended to donate blood for levels of alpha-fetoprotein.This analysis allows us to identify Down's syndrome, a violation of the formation of the spinal cord, and hydrocephalus.This blood test is most often prescribed to women older than 35 years and have relatives with chromosomal disorders.

during pregnancy will need more time to make US - 9-12, on 17-22 and 33-36 week.

analyzes in the final stages of pregnancy

After 30 weeks pregnant woman should go to the gynecologist every two weeks.You will also receive an exchange card, which fits in the test results.With it, you'll have to walk ever since, starting with 30 weeks, birth can happen at any time.

At 33-34 week doctors produce Doppler, ie study evaluating blood flow in the placenta, the baby and the uterine vessels.This study reveals that there is enough nutrients and oxygen the fetus receives.If blood flow is reduced, appointed cardiotocography.

CTG provides information about the tone of the uterus and its ability to contract, as well as fetal movement.

At 35-36 week you need to re-donate blood for syphilis and AIDS, as well as biochemical analysis of blood and swab from the vagina.Last ultrasound before birth makes it possible to determine the condition of the placenta, the baby weight and height, the position of the uterus, the amount of amniotic fluid.

special control

It so happens that the tests reveal any violation of the pregnancy, for example, lack of uterine tone or a small amount of amniotic fluid.In this case, the woman is under special control: appoint special drugs that improve blood flow, and conduct additional Doppler ultrasound.The increased attention of doctors to help ease your pregnancy childbirth.

If the time of delivery approached, and all generations do not start, do not need to panic.If you did everything correctly, we passed all necessary tests and tell your doctor about any changes in your condition, from medical teams have all the information in order to be fully prepared.Do not be afraid - you are in the hands of professionals.And do not forget that doctors are doing everything to ensure that your baby is born healthy.

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