Pregnancy driving

Doctors believe that driving a car during pregnancy - it is unsafe, but the women themselves do not agree.Before maternity leave, t. E. To the 7th month of pregnancy, you need every day to go to work, sometimes to the doctor, and I want to meet with your favorite friends, feeling as before, independent and mobile.Own car provides:

improved comfort (no need to shiver in public transport, waiting for someone give way, as there is a danger that you will accidentally be driven);

saving power (you do not have to travel long distances, making transplant or a long wait trucks, because all it takes a lot of effort, responding fatigue and pain in the legs);

protection against viruses and diseases (public transport - a hotbed of infection, which is very dangerous for the mother. In a car you will protect yourself and your crumb);

convenient shopping (shopping, coming into the store with your own car, it is much more pleasant. You do not have to lug huge bags on their own, simply throw them in the


Cons driving during pregnancy

Despite all the above advantages of driving during pregnancy, there are obvious disadvantages.

Slow reaction. During pregnancy, all the attention is directed to the women themselves, it is exacerbated by intuition on all that relates to their personal health and well-being of their child.But to focus on the external factors is reduced, which can lead to additional risk on the road.

stressful situations. Road, alas, not the most peaceful place.Stress, anyway, inevitable, that can not affect the health of the pregnant woman.

unnecessary risk. Unfortunately, the road is not always everything depends on us.Even if you are - an experienced driver with experience, do not break the rules, and always wear your seat belt, there is no guarantee that someone will not create an emergency situation with your participation.The consequences can be unpredictable.Even the usually sharp braking could lead to blunt abdominal trauma that provoke miscarriage .

Stoppers .Getting stuck in traffic, being in position, the test is not easy.2-3 hours in the car without the possibility to go to the toilet may be very critical for the future mother.

If you do not want to part with the car for the period of pregnancy, try to protect yourself: glue on the rear window of the car sticker "Behind the wheel of the two of us," or "A pregnant woman in the car" to the rest of the drivers were especially attentive.Try not to travel long distances to visit did not stress to you!

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