Signs During Pregnancy

Earlier, people explain the strange phenomenon for himself action of supernatural forces.Gradually science developed, but large numbers of people continue to believe in omens.And now many of us are reluctant respect these unwritten laws, trying to protect themselves from the failures in all possible ways.Let's try to understand what is behind the widespread beliefs and superstitions associated with pregnancy.

Signs associated with determining the sex of the baby

Before the advent of ultrasound machines woman could only guess who she is born - a boy or a girl.In this regard, there was a huge number of signs, indicating sex of the baby in the stomach.

Here are some of them:

  • If the abdomen "acute", it will be a boy, if a - girl.
  • Brown spots appear at mom if she was waiting for the girl as a daughter "is stealing her beauty."
  • If the heart is beating my mother quickly, wait for a girl if slowly - a boy.
  • girl on abdominal symptoms indicate early toxicity.
  • Girls stomach constantly jostle, while b
    oys are more relaxed.
  • If the stomach expectant mother grew hairs - wait for the boy.

Of all these hypotheses scientific justification can be brought only under the latter: since pregnancy boy in a woman's blood increases the level of male hormones, which may well lead to a new vegetation.However, this is not one hundred percent way to determine the sex of the unborn child.

Form stomach depends on the structure of the female body and the location of the child in the womb.

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Stretch marks during pregnancy

On the appearance of age spots is influenced by many factors: genetic predisposition to eating habits and duration of exposure to the sun.

Toxicosis in varying degrees manifests itself in almost every pregnant woman.Its severity depends on the living conditions and health of the expectant mother.

The behavior of the child in the womb affects the location, the temperament, as well as the duration of pregnancy and external influences.

pregnant woman is prohibited

even more superstitions connected with the fact that a pregnant woman to do is strictly prohibited.Perhaps, if you follow all these prohibitions, all of nine months would have to lie in bed, afraid to do too much movement.And maybe this can not be because of one of these will sleep on your back during pregnancy can not in any case!However, some of them can be explained logically.

• It is impossible to cut, sew, knit, weave

Previously it was thought that this could lead to the child's moles and birthmarks.

• Do not sit on the doorstep

That is not to be on the border of "their" and "foreign" worlds.Indeed, sitting on the doorstep, you can catch a cold because of the draft, which is not helpful to the expectant mother.

• Do not lift your hands

It was believed that this could lead to the fact that the child entangled in the umbilical cord.Currently, there is no evidence of this, but too active body movements to get involved is not necessary.Avoid situations in which you have to keep your hands raised for a long time, for example, in transport.

• You can not get a haircut

extremely popular belief.Otstrigaya hair, unnerving, respectively, and the child is weakening, but in real life it does not work normally.

• You can not cross your legs

In the old days it was thought that this could lead to deformity of the future baby.Currently posture "foot to foot" is not recommended by doctors because of the threat of varicose veins in the expectant mother.

• You can not sleep on your back

best sleep position for a pregnant woman - on his side, as in this position is not disturbed circulation.In that doctors in solidarity with our ancestors.

• You can not be afraid

This statement is quite logical, because for a long time proved that positive emotions are beneficial to the development of the baby.At the time of refuse from watching horror movies, try to draw positive everywhere.

• You can not stroke the cats

Cats are carriers of a dangerous disease called toxoplasmosis.This is not a reason to get rid of a pet, but try to avoid frequent contact with animals.

• You can not take pictures

Apparently, this sign reflected the fear of everything new, particularly before cameras.There is no evidence that harmful photographed not.

• You can not advance to buy children's clothes

Despite the fact that the sign is very popular, baby layette for centuries began to collect not only before birth, but often before conception.A young mother is not very convenient to run to the shops in search of the necessary things.If the compliance of custom you will be more comfortable, write a list of what you may need, and handed it to the future pope, so he bought all the while you are in the hospital.

country will

Will pregnancy-related, very much.To believe in them or not - a private matter.The main thing is that they are not contrary to the instructions of your doctor watching.Here are some interesting superstitions:

  • If pregnant pour water - it starts to rain (I wonder if anyone keeps statistics of such cases?)
  • can not comb the hair on Fridays (not to accidentally become beautiful, and not to leave the club on the night).
  • pregnant woman can not climb through a window and jump across the ravine (here without comment, it is difficult to imagine).
  • pregnant should not eat and drink in secret, so that the child has not grown thief (especially chocolate, caviar and martinis).
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