Stress during pregnancy

What is stress?

English word Ā«stressĀ» means nothing, as "pressure", "pressure".We used to call this word all the negative emotions caused by problems and troubles, but in fact the stress - is the body's response to any impact, positive or negative.Thus, the stress for the expectant mother can be any strong surge of emotion, including too happy or touching event that makes the heart beat faster.

Where are the stress?

9 months of this exciting expectations for any woman are already stressful, because accompanied by a huge number of internal and external changes, as well as toxicity, delivery of analyzes and regular visits to the doctor.All this can not but cause a certain anxiety and feelings of the future baby.Enjoy many exciting events as: improvement of the room for the newborn, buy things, search for hospital and other nice, but not less stressful moments.

during pregnancy is best to avoid certain stressful situations, what could be:

flight / transfer. It is about flying a plane and trave

ling on vacation or for work, if a woman has not come out in the decree on duty and forced to fly on business trips.Many pregnant women banned from flying for reasons of threatened abortion or because of health problems, but even completely healthy mothers is not recommended to put at risk her pregnancy, because of the long journey and the pressure drop could be in trouble, and fatigue can quickly come back to haunt.

work. All women, being in a position, have the right to go on maternity leave prematurely for health reasons, as well as part-time work, go home early, warned the director and colleagues.If a woman working in hazardous work, she is required to leave the job as soon as she finds out about his situation.Travel and unnecessary stressful situations can also harm the health of unborn baby.

presence of young children in the family. If a woman is pregnant is not the first time the presence of children up to three years, a special stress, because it can not fully relax, eat and sleep, when all her time is devoted to the older child.In this case it is better to enlist the support of grandmothers who are happy to be hanging out with the first child, the expectant mother is resting.If this is not possible, it is best to plan their pregnancies when the eldest child already goes to kindergarten.

Family breakdown / loss of a loved one. Sure, it's stress, not only for women in the state.Life is unpredictable, the losses in her case not less frequently than acquisition, and must be able to accept it with dignity, especially when you are responsible for another life.If the father left the family, it should not be affected even in the child happier because of it no one will.Most single women in such cases, visit a very negative thoughts about abortion, but it is impossible to avoid, because the child must feel that he coveted.

Fear of change. many women, deciding to become a mother, not fully aware of how much their lives have changed.The most terrible change for many people are adverse changes in appearance: a big belly, spots on the skin or stretch marks appear tragedy."I'll never be the same!" - Distressed young mothers.Hormonal storm that occurs in the body during pregnancy, increases these experiences, which often ends in tears.Such moments are inevitable.Therefore, every woman, being in a position to be in advance to look for a method of losing weight after childbirth, read success stories of other mothers, to continue to care for themselves during pregnancy, eat right, use creams for stretch marks and are not afraid that her appearance is not the same.

Fear of childbirth. himself a fear of childbirth comes in the third trimester when to "hour X" is less and less time.There are women who are deprived of sleep and normal rest because their head is filled with stories of other "experienced" that generations - is a hell of a pain, and the doctors do cesarean all in a row, who can not give birth for a long time.Nonsense!The more a woman myself thinking the winds and what really does not know, the worse it can take generations.If the expectant mother is set in a positive way, then the baby is well and calmly, and then delivery was held as smoothly and easily.Help in this case, and courses for expectant mothers, which will tell you how to behave during childbirth that facilitate this process as much as possible.

How does stress and how to avoid it?

Experiencing stress during pregnancy, the woman sharply reduces the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.At this point, the child begins to actively move the legs and banging on the placenta to the uterine contractions during obtain sufficient portion of the blood with everything necessary to sustain life.Studies have shown that pregnant women exposed to stress, twice as likely to give birth to babies with abnormalities in development than those whose pregnancy was quietly and without unnecessary emotional outbursts.

Nevertheless, as we do not limit ourselves, just to avoid stressful situations, especially in large cities, it is impossible, but you can compensate for any negative positive.How to do it?

treat yourself to delicious! Nobody calls seizing stress goodies, but supplement their diet of foods high in vitamins B and C - the perfect solution.Dark green and red vegetables, berries, nuts, dairy products and, of course, fish during pregnancy contribute to the strengthening of the nervous system, and thus make it more resistant to stress.

relax . All the standard scheme: the sun, air and water!Only pregnant women better to prefer quiet walks along the beach under the measured noise of the sea, rather than active pastime in the sun.The sea calms and lulls, and the gentle sun until noon saturates the body with vitamin D, so necessary for the health of the unborn baby.A relaxing massage that you can afford - massage with masseur "creepy."

Listen to relaxing music. What could be better for you and the baby than the sound of a quiet, no music excites the nervous system?Choose the music with the sounds of nature and the noise of the rain and listen at medium volume.Suffice it to half an hour a day.

Create! Creativity, and in particular art therapy very harmonizes and soothes the senses and emotions, as well as an excellent way to reveal your talents, because during pregnancy, you have on it will be a very long time.Painting on ceramics, batik, pottery, photography or even singing can be an excellent therapy for stress.

course, in addition to all the above sources of stress, and there are flimsy woman problems because of which it falls into a state of depression and nervous.This is common to all pregnant because her expectations of what will take place, these 9 months are not justified: Mom dopekat that it is impossible in advance to buy kids clothes, his father did not agree with the choice of name for his grandson and aunt chorus repeat that cutting hair inpregnancy - miscarriage.Pleasant enough, but if it is easier to apply, no stress for a similar thing will not do.As the saying goes, if you can not change the situation, change the attitude towards it.Successful pregnancy and no stress!

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