How to cook Ossetian pies: thin dough and a variety of toppings

Ossetian pies

Ossetian pie - it indoor pie of thin dough with various fillings .As an Ossetian pie fillings used the meat, cheese, potatoes, cabbage, greens, greens and sweet berries.Dough Ossetian pies should be fine, with a rolling pin while rolling out the dough is not used: traditionally formed a cake by hand only.

Ossetian pies made stove in odd number usually 3 or 7, and serve on a plate stacked and grease with butter.

How to cook a pie Ossetian

Before, how to cook Ossetian pie, to properly prepare food for him.The cheese used for filling Ossetia, Adygea any home or brine - cheese, feta.It will be good to use home homemade cream cheese.Its for filling ground in a blender, finely cut or rub on a grater and mash with butter and herbs.

If you make a pie stuffed with meat, then it is taken low-fat meat, the best beef.Traditionally, the meat for the filling of finely chopped with a knife, but it can and mince with onions, garlic and spices.

All other stuffing - potatoes,

cabbage, beet greens, leek, zucchini, etc. Should also be well-milled, if necessary browned.

dough is mixed with yeast and "raised" about 2 hours.The dough is prepared as follows: take 1 kg of flour, mixed with a packet of dry yeast, 1 ch. L.sugar and a pinch of salt, it is poured 3 tbsp.warm milk (700 g) and 50 g of sunflower oil or olive oil, all well stirred and left in a warm place for 1-2 hours.

When the dough is ready, punched him several times, divide into pieces the size of a clenched fist with and from each make cake.In the center of the cake is a recess into which the folded slide stuffing (approximately the same volume as the test), and then wrap the edges of the cake and put them together, and then begin your hands to knead the ball of dough with filling up a thin round cakes.Then, on top of the dough pierce in several places with a knife to the steam inside, and send cakes in preheated 180 ° With oven.First bake the pie need to lower the level of the oven, 10 minutes to raise the average and 7-10 minutes - the upper.

How to prepare Ossetian pies with different fillings

Ossetian pie with potato stuffing is made from mashed potatoes, mashed and mixed with brine cheese, sour cream and herbs.

You can make stuffing from cottage cheese or a mixture of cheese and cottage cheese, butter and herbs.

meat pie made from finely chopped meat or meat.It is added to the meat broth, and when the cake is cooked in the oven, in a hole in the center and poured a few spoonfuls of broth for the succulence.For ground beef, you can add the cabbage and onions and garlic, pepper, parsley.

You can use only one stewed cabbage as a filling for a pie Ossetian.Cabbage need to finely chop and a little put out with onion, pepper and salt.

How to cook a cake in the pan Ossetian

If you prepare Ossetian pie in the pan, it will need to flip.While Bake on one side - do not cover the lid.When the flip to the other side, you can cover the cake with a lid and reduce heat.

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