Learning to cook stuffing for Ossetian pies

Ossetian pies cooking has long been considered exclusively female duty.In our country, bake and enjoy a favorite dish Ossetia can almost any housewife.But in order to properly prepare the dough and various fillings Ossetian pies, still need to have some knowledge and skills.

considered Tasty cake with a thin layer of dough stuffed with juicy, richly laid, but not sticking out of the cake.Thick and "meaty" culinary masterpieces is considered to be in Ossetia sure sign of an inexperienced cook.

fillings Ossetian pies need to know and be able to cook.Mainly used savory fillings: cabbage, cheese, beans, potatoes, pumpkin, beet leaves or minced meat.Depending on the position in the dough filling every pie has its own name.

fillings Ossetian pies: types and names

Ossetian pies made to prepare for normal daily use, and in particular major life events, such as funeral, wedding or birthday.In cake form, mostly standard - round, with a diameter of about 30 cm. Celebration religious bake cakes

made exclusively of triangular shape, and only filled with cheese.

Depending on the type of filling and its Ossetian pies are of different names:

  • have alibaht is stuffed with cheese;
  • kartofdzhin - cake stuffed with potato and cheese;
  • tsaharadzhin has stuffed beet leaves and cheese;
  • kabuskadzhin - is inside the pie filling of finely chopped cabbage and cheese;
  • fyddzhin has stuffed minced beef;
  • davondzhin leaves stuffed with garlic and cheese;
  • hadurdzhin - cake stuffed with beans;
  • nashdzhin - cake stuffed with pumpkin and cheese.

How to cook stuffing for Ossetian pies


stuffed with cheese pie ualibahta preparing of this Ossetian cheese .For a long time in South Ossetia for the preparation of the cheese used sheep's, goat's or cow's milk.This cheese, and today is known for its excellent taste.

To prepare the filling, used Yerem cheese and rub it on a grater.Then add a little salt and mash product.Then the finished cheese is divided by 3 balls, each not less than 12 cm in diameter and spread on a plate.


To prepare the filling for pies Ossetian fyldzhin ground beef must purchase beef and twist the meat in a meat grinder.You can certainly buy and ready to beef, but good quality.Stuffing should not be too fat or too lean. product should be salt, then add the onion, garlic and mix thoroughly by hand.

Stuffing should soak, this should set aside half an hour it.Then you can start to work on the formation of cake.Fold the dough into 2 layers, and between them, place the stuffing.Zaschepit end of the test you need, and make a hole in the middle of the cake for the couple.To mince became more mellow, it is possible to add a little broth or water.


To prepare the filling for pies Ossetian saharadzhin from the leaves of beets and cheese need clean and fresh beet leaves and dill, parsley and onion.All products must be finely chop and add salt and 500 g of Ossetian cheese, which must also be cut into small cubes.If the filling has turned watery, you can add to it a little flour.

When baking cakes Ossetian try to do so that their number is always odd.Otherwise, it would be better to spread out in different pies plate, with an odd number in each.Ossetian pies can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.And before serving, reheat them required any way you like.

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