Repair of the corridor with his hands

Step 1: Repaint the walls

Any designer will tell you that one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to change something in the house - it is paint the walls.The obvious advantage of this option is that properly selected color can visually expand the space (in our case, this is particularly important).Also, if you do not like the result, or quickly get bored, you can also easily change the look of your hallway again.If you wish, you can experiment seasonally in winter darker shades, summer and spring - more vivid or bright.Or maybe the other way around?

Step 2: Add a decorative table

Even in the small corridor or hallway there is space for a small table.It will make the room more comfortable will help accents - hallway would not look empty.And most importantly - this is a very functional piece: Now your guests will not have to think about where to put the bag, and you - where to park the various little things, such as keys.Just remember that it is still necessary to keep order in this

table, or the first impression of your apartment will zaznadezhno spoiled!

Step 3: Place the mat

Once housewife advised to give guests slippers.Now this practice is rooted in the past.However, that is no reason to force people to walk on the bare floor.Place the mat on the floor of the corridor or track.You can with the words "Welcome!"or a funny picture - if it matches the style of your home.

Step 4: Hang a mirror

Needless to say, guests want to fix her hair and leaving - nicely tie a scarf.So let's say on the design advantages of mirrors.The corridors and hallways in most apartments very close and beautiful mirror - the best way to visually expand the space.

Step 5: Bring the room

House, where there are flowers, always seem to be more hospitable.If you have fair hall - you lucky choice of plants is truly unlimited!However, those with poorly lit corridor, too, do not worry - there are many shade-loving and shade-tolerant plants (eg, Saintpaulia, begonias, Aglaonema, milkweed, different types antriumov), settled in the hallway flower that you like best.

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