New life of old things

give things to those who need them

If you do decide to part with their old stuff, consider transferring them to a charity where they will be used.Perhaps they will be useful to people who were left homeless because of a fire or other accidents.

Try to sell

It so happens that you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary things, but they're still pretty new.Give pity and throw hand does not rise.This often happens with children's things: the child had to wear shoes a few times - and it is not suited to it in size.Such things can be sold.Now every town has a free classifieds site, or selling things from hand to hand.Take advantage of them.You can also try to pass things to the pawnshop.There is even a special commission shops for children's products.Did you sell them very cheap, but it will still be more profitable than just throw them away.

Use household

Do not rush immediately to get rid of old worn things.First, sort them, something that can be cut and used as rags for wiping dust, someth

ing else will like work clothes to give and something to suit in order to teach children to sew.And remember, you'll always have time to throw away!

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