How to update the interior


painting - one of the least expensive and quickest ways to upgrade the interior of your home.Over the weekend you can have time to repaint the room or more rooms.Remember, if you plan to paint the house, you should carefully prepare the wall: fix the defects, cleaned and sanded.If the previous layer of paint was glossy and bright color, it is best to first apply a new color base.Most colors look better when applying them in two layers.You can completely change the look and mood of the room, just by changing the color of the walls.

painting stenciled

stenciled paintings - a great way to decorate the walls, but do not deprive attention, and other interior rooms, such as furniture.Stencils can be quite a variety of shapes, sizes and types;you can cut yourself with the help of stencils stationery knife and board.If the template is selected, attach it to the wall using a temporary adhesive and apply a drawing with a brush and paints.If you make a drawing on the furniture, use a special re

sistant paint.

Wardrobe organizer

Most apartments have at least one cabinet of proper organization of which you can benefit.First, remove all of the cabinet, and then discard or donate what you do not need (what you do not use for more than 1 year).Select a cabinet that is best for you, who organized the most convenient for you.You can choose the shelves, drawers, hooks and other accessories that will make the cabinet the way you dreamed to see it.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are not only beautiful, but also functional: they are well cooled in the summer and distribute heat in cold weather.If you do not have the basic skills in the field of electrics, it is better to entrust the fan connection to someone else.In addition, make sure that the ceiling is suitable for installation of such a structure.You can choose from a variety of fans that suits you in style and power.

Change outlet

This is not an easy task, but you will see a noticeable difference.Over time, the old switches and sockets are dirty and cracked.Buy and install new "dish" and the wall outlet.

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