Remove the cabinet

Regular cleaning in the closet will help you maintain order in the locker room.Try to do them every 3 months and clean up the things that you do not wear, then you will be much easier to choose clothes each morning.

First we need to find out what kind of clothes should keep and which to get rid of.Set aside things you wear regularly - they want to save.If properly decompose things, the contents of the cabinet will be more organized and you do not have to spend time searching.


Perhaps you have clothes in good condition that you do not wear for any reason, for example, ceased to please you, this model of jeans or a sweater the color does not fit into other clothes.Do not rush to dispose of it, it may be useful to someone else.Set the unnecessary clothes for sale in a store or online, and the money you can spend on buying new clothes.

uncomfortable clothes

To some clothes you can feel so uncomfortable that it is better to get rid of it.If these things do not get to sell because they are old

-fashioned or for other reasons, then you can take them to the pawnshop or a charitable foundation.


If the length of the skirt out of fashion, it can be shortened by a broken zipper can be replaced by a new one - and then the clothes can be worn again.Examining things immediately set aside all the clothes that need mending.It is not necessary to throw it right, especially if you like it - give it a second life.

Unsuitable clothing

If you do not wear some clothes for a year, it is unlikely that you will be wearing it in the future.But do not just get rid of it, instead, remove it, for example, on the mezzanine or in a niche under the bed.The next time, when it comes time to sort out the clothes in the closet, look at the same time and deferred items if you are never in that time did not remember them, then it's time to throw them away or sell.

Once you get rid of unwanted clothes, tidy things you wear.Hang them on a hanger, sort out the color.Do not forget about shoes - lay it seasonal.Repeat the cleaning should be every 3 months, you can even make a mark on the calendar.

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