Construction child: you need to know

walls and ceiling

For the walls is better to use paper wallpaper.But enamel, oil paints and washable wallpaper for children's rooms are contraindicated.Color Wallpaper is preferable calm: pastel shades with a small figure.

Experts recommend to cover the ceiling in the children a simple lime plaster.It is possible to draw a cloud or night sky and hung toys.Before going to bed is very relaxing.

Do not forget about wall decoration in the nursery - you can draw on them any drawings or take advantage of special vinyl stickers.


Sex in the nursery should be hygienic, warm and not slippery.These requirements are met by laminated flooring, which is not inferior in quality wood.You can lay a coat of cork or linoleum.It is important that it did not have a layer of polyvinyl chloride and was treated with synthetic resins that are harmful to the child's health.

Lighting Lighting affects the overall "light" climate room.His need to do a friendly and soft.Children's vision is unstable and easily

damaged.Bright shiny surfaces, sharp transitions and highlights - all this is not allowed in the children's room.

Comfort and Safety provides the material from which made lighting fixtures.It is not necessary to install in the room lamps with shades made of transparent glass.The safest option is to shade of milky white glass, which gives a uniform diffused light.

as decorative lighting, you can use different colored lights.Blue is associated with harmony, green calms, light red uplifting, purple promotes creativity.


color strongly affects the psyche of the child, so when choosing curtains, wallpaper, furniture, should be guided by the recommendations of psychologists.Properly selected color calms and picked up incorrectly - causes discomfort and irritability.

melancholic preferable to orange, red and yellow, phlegmatic - yellowish-red and crimson, sanguine - dull shades of purple, choleric - green and blue.For infants is better to choose pastel colors and shades of pink.

Large surfaces should be formalized in bright colors.Curtains, blankets and other accessories can be saturated colors, but the desk should be a neutral color.


furniture should match the age and physique of the child and to be functional.Chair legs, bent at right angles, must firmly rest on the floor.The table must be stable, spacious, a little above the elbow standing child, preferably with an inclination countertops.

Experts recommend installing modular furniture in the nursery, which is a set of individual components.Items can be combined to create a variety of new options.

Furniture should be safe.It is necessary to remove all sharp corners, breakable components, complex structures.

The variant of transforming furniture: design of the lockers, ladders, beds, bedside tables, slides, shelves.Such furniture "grows" with the baby.So, changing table turns into a playground, a desk and then to the computer table.

Keeping things

All objects in the room should be kept in an accessible place for the child.Instead of bulky chest high, you can use boxes or colored containers.The shelves in the cabinets, it is desirable to lower the child could safely take the right thing.All sliding drawers should easily be nominated.

space for play and learning

At arrangement of a child's room need to divide the space into zones: playing, sleeping and training.Area of ​​study is around the table.But the placement of gaming space depends on the habits of the child: does he love to play on the floor, on the same table or on the big bed.

Freedom of movement

If the child needs to move the wheelchair, make sure that the room is not uncomfortable corners, angles, an obstructed driveways.In this case, preferably a parquet floor or tile than carpet.

treatment at home

If a child needs physical therapy or any other treatment, it is better to carry out the procedure in the children's room.It is practical to arrange the furniture as possible to once again it was not necessary to rearrange.If during the treatment the child will want to play, you need to ensure that interested him was the subject at hand.

joint pastime

Construction of a children's room - an excellent opportunity to spend time with your baby.The room - a private space of the child, through the design he can express their personality, their preferences and interests, so it is very important part in the process - not all the same trusted adult!

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