Commercial Mortgages

Mortgage - a pledge commitment.But in everyday life, this word refers to a loan issued secured by real estate.As the object of the mortgage can act as land, businesses, homes, cottages, garages, aircraft and vessels.We restrict ourselves to the situation - buying an apartment on credit.

feature of this type of loan is that the apartment immediately goes into your property.Negative point: your new apartment is pledged to the lending bank.If you can not pay the full amount, it can be transferred to the bank and subsequently sold at a public auction.Use

mortgage can a person who has attained 18 years of age.It is important that at the time of repayment of the loan to the payer should not be more than 75 years.

conclusion of the contract is a complex, multistep procedure:

  1. collection of documents.The list varies depending on the bank.First of all you need to get advice about the exact number of documents, their form and content.Usually it requires an identity card, certificate of residence, inform
    ation on income (all sources), proof of work experience (at least 2 years - general, at least 6 months at the last place of work).
  2. Passage of credit committee of the bank.Remember that all the conditions does not warrant a positive decision, much depends on the ability to pay.
  3. Finding suitable housing.This issue should be approached seriously.Home necessarily the presence of concrete, brick or stone foundation.The apartment must be connected to public systems, have good condition plumbing, doors, windows and roofs.
  4. valuation and insurance.The property, the evaluation should have a moderate or high degree of liquidity.Mandatory condition - insurance against risks of loss of ownership of the apartment, in case of damage, and loss of ability to work the borrower.
  5. conclusion of the mortgage contract.After that, you need to register the contract in the bodies in charge of registration of real estate.Currently, this function takes the tax office.There are significant restrictions on the disposal of property pledged as collateral (the ban redevelopment, exchange, sale, rental, etc. without the permission of the creditor bank).

the collateral may be not only a flat in already put into operation the house, but also housing under construction - in this case a mandatory addition to the residential houses in the collateral is transferred to the right to lease the land.Also allowed to use an existing property of the borrower.

pleasant moment for buyers of apartments in the mortgage is tax deductible - 13%.

If you are in doubt about whether to take out a mortgage, you can pay attention to other solutions to housing problems: housing saving cooperative (WNC);credit consumer cooperatives of citizens (CCCC);consumer credit.

Some tricks of contracts on mortgage lending:

  1. "credit decisions in a single day."Due to the high amount zaymovoy banks need to collect the maximum amount of information about potential customers.In fact, get ready to meet a variety of reasons for the postponement.
  2. Minimum documents can turn into a pile of certificates and securities, which will be reclaimed at the oral interview with the manager.
  3. Low mortgage interest, as a rule, does not account for the additional charges and fees.
  4. "Minimum overpayment" - in reality, expressed in a deliberate overstatement of prices for an apartment developer.Considered normal when taking into account all interest and fees, the final price of the apartment will be higher in the half.
  5. Mortgage for the young is reflected in the provision of additional guarantees stable income with conscription and creating a family birth of a child.
  6. Mortgage Broker - "solution".Take your time, unfortunately, there are situations of abuse the trust of customers for profit.
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