Social mortgage

Russia as a social state must ensure the right of every citizen housing.In practice, this is reflected in the adoption of special government programs.Now the federal program "Housing for 2011-2015."In the framework of a sub-program on mortgage lending diverse population.It involves the issuance of grants and promotes the formation of favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage.

There are several variants of state:

  • subsidizing the interest rate on a mortgage;
  • subsidizing part of the cost of mortgage property;
  • sale of public housing loan at a discounted price;
  • building your own home based subsidies;
  • payment of a contribution if you are a member of the housing savings cooperatives.

Based on the desire to protect the weakest segments of the population, the state has allocated the following categories of citizens eligible to participate in the program:

  • young family;
  • youth;
  • military.

should be noted that in addition to the federal level for appropriate support taken at the level of t

he subject of the Russian Federation and the municipality.Specific conditions depend on the local authorities, they define the content of the subroutine, the size of grants, the options of spending cash.For more accurate information you need to contact the authorities responsible for housing policies of your municipality.

Option One: a young family

participation in the mortgage program can take a family or single-parent family (single parent), in which the age of the spouses does not exceed 35 years.By the time of applying a young family should stand in the queue for social housing.Recognized need to improve the living conditions of the family, not owning property, or if each family member has less than 14 m 2 .

To register for the program must be submitted to the local authority for permanent residence the following documents:

  • application;
  • passport or other identity document;
  • marriage certificate (for the full family);
  • document confirming the need to improve housing conditions;
  • income statement (to confirm the possibility to pay for the estimated cost of housing);
  • extract from the house register.

within ten days of the submitted documents are checked for validity and the decision to refuse recognition or young family member of the program.In the latter case, you will be notified in writing and will be given a special certificate.The subsidy is not given in cash and transferred to the account of the partner bank.Once you decide to housing, it is necessary to conclude a mortgage contract, register it and issue a trilateral agreement on the implementation of the program between the developer, the City Department of Youth and Family.

amount of the grant depends on the standard cost of a residential meter in your area and the presence of children, usually 35 or 40% of the cost of housing.However, at the level of each region can be specified additional requirements for candidates: for example, the availability of work experience at least 1 year with no permanent residence in the municipality.Some Acts fixed flat fee subsidies, and its size depends on the place of employment of spouses and the number of children.

Option Two: Youth

Another option for solving the housing problem for young people is manifested through the creation of student construction brigades.In developing 150 shifts the students acquire the right to purchase an apartment at cost with a mortgage, possible to use concessionary interest rates.Construction teams are formed at universities in many regions of our country.For more information on this program can be obtained from the representatives of the All-Russian public movement "Russian student teams."

Option Three: military

"Military Mortgage" is implemented by the accumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel.When the program takes into account the date of conclusion of the contract military service and rank.Each year the troops participating in the program receives royalties on the individual account of their size established by the Government of the Russian Federation.These savings can be used as a down payment when buying a home under a contract of mortgage lending.

Some features of the legislation:

  • Local governments are required to provide information on programs of social mortgage.They can also use the "mortgage calculator" that helps to plan, and the final payment amount based on the grant.
  • participate in the program only once.
  • Except as required to the participant by the authorities, there are requirements of a mortgage bank, they may relate to citizenship and residence participant, the duration of his length of service, etc.
  • calculation of the cost of housing is made of the following standards: for a family of two people - 42 m 2 , for a family of three or more people - 18 m 2 per person.
  • in the lower house of the State Duma introduced a bill that proposes to provide families with children repeated a tax deduction for the purchase of housing or expansion housing.
  • Employees of commercial structures (excluding young professionals), subsidies are granted, provided equity financing by the employer of expenditure for the purchase or construction of housing.
  • The subsidy may be increased with the appearance of a child - not less than 5% of the estimated (average) cost of housing on the basis of calculating the cost of 1 m 2 total area.
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