Indoor flower

Benefits floriculture home

grow flowers indoors is easier than on the plot.Under the conditions of the house or apartment you yourself can monitor soil moisture, light intensity and amount of fertilizer.

Where a garden?

critically evaluate all available space for home and flower.It is best suited for the plant is well lit in the daytime loggia or a windowsill.It is desirable that the sunlight was not a direct and diffused.Keep in mind that the requirements are different colors in the light, therefore, ideally in the home garden should be both illuminated areas and penumbra.In dark places, you can arrange artificial lighting using fluorescent lamps.

Choose plants

spring you can break this flower bed on the window sill - it will suit undemanding flowers: daisies, asters, marigolds and more.Of course, a great option would be tulips - but experts recommend planting in pots in advance to the beginning of spring flowers already enjoy.But if you really want to just such a garden - buy a plant in t

he store (only select those who have not quite blossomed, so you can watch the process and feel the same myself gardener)

If you want to enjoy your garden a little longer, the betterchoose perennial plants.Pick flowers, given the lighting of the room in which they will grow and the amount of time you are willing to devote to his garden.If you have no experience breeding of indoor plants or because of their employment, you will not be able for a long time with them to bother, get home unpretentious flowers such as Zamioculcas, Chlorophytum, sanvieriya, asparagus, jade tree, cactus, Monstera, Ficus, Euphorbia, Schlumberger (Decembrist)violet, kalanchoe.

in shady room will feel good hibiscus, some types of begonias and camellias, violets, ivy, paparotnikovye, ficus, dieffenbachia and dracaena.

For light-loving plants are native desert cacti, succulents, malochai, Jade, kalanchoe, and most blooming (Cleave, jasmine, Amarilis) and pestrolisnyh (coleus, croton, kordilina, strobilantes).

scattered light needs asparagus, begonia, gloxinia, fuchsia, ehmei Frieze.

without frequent watering can not do palm gordeniya, spatiflorum, azaleas, ivy, citrus and tropical plants.

drought tolerant cactus, Jade, aloe and kalanchoe.

Drafts are not afraid of begonias, Epipremnum, zebrine and Chlorophytum.But other plants, especially flowering, the wind should be protected.

Creating conditions for plants

Well, if you have chosen will be enough room lit in the daytime.If the lighting conditions do not meet the characteristics of the selected plants, you can create a home garden artificial microclimate.

Cover the walls with white paint or plastic, and thus make the room brighter.You can use a special reflective coating.Set the indoor fan to create artificial air streams.Do not direct the air jet directly to the plant, because not all home flowers tolerate drafts.Under each pot, place a plastic saucer that flowed to excess water when watering.Provide plants even artificial light setting on the ceiling fluorescent lamps.


requirements of indoor plants in the moisture are different.When watering, consider the characteristics of each green pet.

plants need adequate drainage system.The drainage may be used as a ready-made compositions of expanded clay, bark, nut shells, and even styrofoam.

before watering check the soil moisture to keep it moistened, thus triggering root rot.Sometimes, excess moisture causes the appearance of the house midges fruit flies.

for irrigation is best to use to defend the water at room temperature.It is not necessary to water the flowers of ice or warm water.

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Climate control

in the room with plants, set the thermometer to maintain optimal for your home garden temperature.


Get everything you need to care for the home garden pots, containers, lamps, soil and drainage, and the shovels, watering and feeding.

Remember that houseplants optimal temperature is about 18-24 C. Avoid sudden changes in climate in the room with flowers.If you notice that the plants weakened and podvyali perhaps they hot.When supercooling leaves turn yellow and fall off.

houseplants, as well as the animals need care and attention.Remember that you are responsible for set up in the house a green corner of nature.

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