How to hang pictures on the wall

First, decide how you want to position the picture on the wall.To do this, place them on the floor at a distance that you want and measure how far apart they should hang.Consider the option, when paintings or photographs arranged in groups of 4 pieces in a standard box - it creates the illusion of a bigger picture.You can also play with the number of pictures - a group of three paintings, for example, one large and two smaller ones, arranged in a square.

Hanging pictures, make sure they are positioned at eye level.Otherwise, the viewer's eyes are turned to the wall and not to the image.

Use the space as much as possible.Big blank wall and one small figure in the center - a good solution for the exhibition of contemporary art, but in the interiors of residential premises is better to fully utilize the space , without creating the impression of congestion.

Once you have selected the picture or pictures that you like and decide how you place them on the wall, buy a specialty store in the near f

ixing kit.It contains everything you need for such a case.Be sure to use a tape measure and level to hang pictures smoothly.

Remember that the larger the picture, the stronger should be the hook.In order to hang a heavy picture or group of pictures, combined into a single frame, use two hooks.

should not forget about the style, if you are attracted to a date trendy look, frames for your photos can be raznostilevyh, and if you're a conservative, the same frame will create a sense of elegance.

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