Interior Bedrooms

To start record of the case in which you plan to do in the bedroom.This can be knitting, journaling, inhouse movies.Look at the room with a critical eye.You can do all that it planned?

Place your order in the bedroom, get rid of things you do not use.The bedroom should be a minimum amount of furniture, it is a place of relaxation and tranquility.Your bedroom immediately after harvest will look better!

not achieved the desired result?Then it is time to start to repair!

Arrange wall

One of the main priorities should be to create colors.Color can arrange the track and serve as the backdrop for all items, furniture and lighting in the room.Paint the entire room in a solid color.Then stick the tape to the wall of separation, so that you can make horizontal or vertical stripes .The paint in the tape, take the same color, but brilliant at the edges.

Forget gray, green and orange color, good will gold, blue, brown.

If you do not like the band, you can use the wallpaper and paint.Bottom wallpaper paste

, make a small border and the top surface of the dye.

Pay attention to the architectural features of the room, select them more contrasting colors.

Remember that choosing a solution, you can affect the well-being, mood and sexuality.If you are doing mental work, then you are good blue color, and if the physical - green.

easily excitable and prone to change people's good to have a couple of things in the interior salad color.

Think flooring

Designers are advised not to use wood flooring in the bedroom.Better - light or dark flooring.Good will and a new small mat that can be changed every season.Latest coverage of irregular shape, you can select the model in the form of a flower or droplets.

You can completely cover the floor with carpets that will completely change the room.And use is permitted as an inexpensive synthetic surface, and natural carpets.

change the design of the bed

If you can not change the bed, you can change the design to obtain a new headboard.This can be done by hand, you need some materials, a sense of style and imagination.

Think about furniture

not necessary to change all the furniture in the room.You can give a vintage look interior items, while they will look very elegant.Buy faux paint to crackle effect, which will help to achieve the desired effect.

Old table will look like new if you cover his beautiful tablecloth and tables can be updated using knitted or embroidered napkins his hands.

If you are dissatisfied with your furniture, you can use home textiles.It can be blankets, bed covers and furniture covers.They can be bought in a store or make your own hands.Today, things are back in fashion handmade.

What are the trends for home textiles?It's bright colors and large pattern on fabric.Very popular and patchwork.Bright cushions of different fabrics, but one color will make a complete image of your furniture.

Choose curtains for windows

Replace curtains - and your bedroom will look new.It is desirable that the curtains match the color of the linens.Curtains usually made of soft fabrics that drape well.They can be the same color as the walls, it will give the room warmth and security.Well look curtains and bedspreads of the same material.

These simple accessories and Tricks

Change the style of the room can be, changing lighting.You can decorate the bedroom subjects of his work.Embroider Shade - a floor lamp or update will highlight in a table lamp.

Hang shelves, mirrors.On the walls will look good paintings and photographs.And do not forget about such trifles as sockets, switches and door handles.They must comply with the new interior.Use

souvenirs and objects of decorative art.Vases, clocks and statues would be appropriate in any interior.They look good and fresh flowers.

Do not forget about the little things, and your bedroom will look great!

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